JUNE 9 – Mounaim, CN8QY visited the rocky islet today as part of his recce trip.

JUNE 7, 2019 – 5C9A team leader Mounaim, CN8QY is visiting the Tibouda region today and meeting locals prior to the expedition. He expects to get a boat out to the island tomorrow. He will not be QRV then, only a recon trip. More pictures here

FEBRUARY 2, 2019 – Last year plans to activate Los Farallones Island, AF-118NEW were announced. A few weeks later it transpired that Navy and Government permission had not been given therefore that particular expedition was postponed.

This year a new expedition to AF-118 has been announced with planning behind the scenes ongoing. A team is assembled with CN8QY as leader. Planned dates of activity are July 25-30, 2019.



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