Ali EP3CQ is again active from Somalia as 6O1OO until October 6, 2019. Generally QRV when time permits CW & FT8.


  1. Would be great to work Ali on 20M FT8. 6O7O is working lots of cw, but SSB and FT8 is really needed for many of us for ATNO’s. Thanks Ali, and good luck!

  2. I also worked Ali on 20M FT8, and he was kind enough to confirm it via email! Such a surprise. He heard me -5 whilst I had him at -20. Great ears for a small setup and always exciting to get an ATNO 🙂

  3. Ali just answered my (1910z) FT-8 Odd sequence CQ on 20m – 14074. Ali peaked at -22 but we were able to complete in spite of a band full of strong USA signals. What a great surprise!

  4. According to him, working in Somalia is very harsh but he will manage to make the station ready soon. He is seeking for sponsor and good equipment. We all need to support him to activate this station. His Twitter account is @ep3cq


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