“This trip has proved to be very difficult to plan, but finally after 3 site visits all details are sorted out. I have all permits in hand – and look forward to returning to Somalia after 18 months.

I will particularly focus on working NA this time, as well low bands. I have some good vertical low band antennas, and some good RX antennas. The RX antennas will hopefully be located far away from noise sources. There will be a guard protecting the beverages 24/7. Please follow my instructions when it comes to calling for geographical areas. Because there is a very short opening to NA on low bands, in particular western part of NA. If there is propagation I will only call for NA when we approach my sunrise. EU will have the best conditions and shall try to work me during their evening time on low bands.

I have some additional security related expenses like armored car, armed guards etc. If you would like to contribute to protecting the low band antennas from being stolen, cut or moved – make a donation to paypal: kenneth[at]


JULY 18, 2019 — Ken, LA7GIA is returning to Somalia and active as 6O7O during September 2019. In his own words:

“For a long time I have been planning where to go next. This time I decided to return to Somalia which I also activated in 2018. I really look forward to this trip! Planning a trip to Somalia involves many limitations and challenges wrt obtaining permissions, logistics, operation as well safety & security wise. I have obtained the license 6O7O, and LoTW is already received by ARRL.

I have a better QTH than last time. This time also with more space for beverages to NA/EU and Asia. Everything is booked and in place like accommodation, flight etc. I will be operating solo for exactly 14 days on all bands 160-10m using mainly CW. If possible also digi mode. If someone can send me an original Elecraft mic I might do some SSB as well…

I will be using my upgraded Elecraft K3, 1 kW amplifier and various TX/RX antennas.

160m: toploaded vertical

80m/40m: fullsize verticals

30m, 17m, 12m: dipole

20m, 15m, 10m: My favourite 2 el Mosley beam

RX antennas: 200-230m beverage to NA/EU and asia. K9AY loop as backup. equipment and controller

QSL via M0OXO. Log will be uploaded to Club Log.

Donations is very much appreciated to paypal

Anyone donating upfront will receive direct QSL and express LoTW!”



  1. Really no SSB during 2 weeks? Another voiceless exped to 6O… But wish you safe travel and 73.


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