REMINDER – Philip, G4PWO will be active from Fonimagoodhoo Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives as 8Q7PW starting July 18, 2017 for two weeks.

Bands and modes will be condition dependent – probably concentrating on 40, 20 and 15m – SSB if conditions allow, Digimodes if condx bad. QSL via H/c.


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the information. The amplifier is not being used anywhere near full power, i never transmit at 1.5Kw

    An Expert 1.3K-FA amplifier would have terrible intermodulation performance at such a high power level, so even if I am allowed to do it i would not consider doing so, i prefer to have lower output power and a good clean signal.

  2. Philip, you violate the license! You can’t use the amplifier 1,5 kW
    Turn over your license and you will read on the other side the following:
    1. Every Amateur Transmitting Station in Maldives shall be used after registered at the Telecommunications Authority of Maldives.
    2. The License fee for an Amateur Transmitting Station shall be Rf 100 per annum. And the temporary license fee for an Amateur Transmitting Station shall be Rf 25/-
    3. …
    4. …
    5. …
    6. In case it is detected that an Amateur Transmitting Ststion has been used unlawfully, a fine of between Rf 25 and Rf 50 shall be imposed. Further, if the Telecommunications Authority of Maldives deems it neccessary, the license may also be cancelled.


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