9F2SH – Ethiopia

    In response to recent info relating to Abel, 9F2SH having no proper paperwork and not valid for DXCC, we have the latest direct from Abel in Addis Ababa.

    Hi guys, I read on the web that 9F2SH has apparently no license and is invalid. Well, I have my license in hand but have not yet submitted to ARRL as I was unaware to do this. At the moment I am on campus and very busy, but will submit to ARRL when I return to Addis Ababa. Unfortunately, the photo scanner at my current location is broken so I cannot send a copy yet. Reading that I am “invalid, with no documentation received” makes me appear to be a bad person, so how about a little patience please instead of believing what you read elsewhere. You may wish to refer to G7VYF (ET3KT) about my license.