MattĀ 9G5GS is again active from Sanzule, Ellembelle District, Ghana until October 23, 2019. QRV on 6m to 160m, using mostly FT8 Fox/Hound and SSB. LoTW now available, also QSL Direct via home call IZ4YGS.

Matt mentions he will return again from November 26th to December 28th, bands and modes identical to the previous ones, but this time it will be SSB activity through the Oscar-100 geostationary satellite.

FEBRUARY 18, 2019 – Matt, IZ4GYS is now active as 9G5GS until March 13, 2019. He’s using a telescopic whip 5.2m long (17ft) for 20m with loading coil for 30/40/60/80m + FT-891.

credit IZ4GYS
credit IZ4GYS
credit IZ4GYS

DECEMBER 14, 2018 – Matt, IZ4GYS will soon be active from Sanzule, Ghana as 9G5GS. QRV on HF bands. QSL via eQSL, however paper QSLs received will also be answered via homecall.


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