NEWS UPDATEI am now QRV! As of now working JT65 on 20m with 40W and getting lots of attention. I’ll be moving to SSB sometimes. None of the electrical connections here are grounded, so I’m running an additional ground to a cold water pipe. I did get a few surprise jolts from that. QSL Manager is N4GNR. Radio will be Yaesu FT-991, antenna will be a Hexbeam on a push up tower. I’ll be here for a total of three years, so plenty of time to work 9X. I will be active primarily on 20 and 17 meters, but I will attempt an 80m loop antenna as well. If it works, I will be able to work 80 and 40 as well. Noise levels here are extremely high. Please don’t be offended if I’m not answering your call, I likely can’t hear you. I will upload to LoTW. [Alan 9X0TA]



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