NEWS UPDATE – Team now assembled: VK3BDX, VK5GR & VK5XDX. Grant VK5GR says:

Our A35 activation plan is for CQWW RTTY plus the OCDX SSB contest. (These align with the VK school holidays as my wife and daughter will again be coming for part of the trip). The team is keen for a 4 square on 40/30, beams on 20-10 and verticals for 160-60m. These are subject to some development work in the first half of 2019. We are going to try to have 1-2 stations on air for at least 8-12hrs a day. Callsign is still TBA but may likely be A35AG. My intent will again be to try and reach the hard to reach places.

NOVEMBER 12, 2018 — By VK5GR — After three successful IOTA activations so far, I have definitely got itchy feet to do another. My current project is to visit Tonga in October 2019.

This time I hope to take a team of amateur operators with me so that we can mix more on air time with more holiday time for the family. It is very early days at this point so no firm commitments. I expect things to firm up after Christmas 2018 when further details will be announced. Loose plans are in place for at least the OCDX SSB Contest and possibly CQ WW RTTY and / or OCDX CW as well.

See you on the air once again from the South Pacific!


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