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FEBRUARY 23, 2019 – Flights booked, accommodation confirmed, license issued and dates set – read more here

DECEMBER 18, 2018 – We have confirmed dates and team members now – currently the team will be myself, Oly VK5XDX and Andrew VK5AKH. We arrive in Tonga on Monday 23rd Sept 2019 and should be on air by the 24th, and will be departing Monday October 7th (on air up to 0800 on the 6th at the end of the OCDX SSB contest). Callsign (A35JT) still to be confirmed – that should be in place in the new year. We are planning as a minimum 80-10m SSB, CW, FT8, RTTY with potentially other bands and modes to be announced later. [Tnx VK5GR].


  1. Looks bad, still no 160 M CW for real human Hams into Europe. Only FT8 or /H is not a right solution for CW DXers!. Even 1818.0 just top of beacon. On 1818.3 kHz is the right freq for us, but they never check our beacons. Excample C21WW were once on 160M CW right time in here, and we lucky guys work them. So only way work a A35 on Top Band here, looks a right Crew from Europe. Hopefully I am wrong.


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