Ever thought about advertising your company banner or logo to maximize sales?

Adverts are displayed in highly visible areas of DX World and help support future funding of DXpeditions. It also helps with running costs of this website which grow by the year.

It’s our firm belief – with so many pageviews everyday – that operators will show interest in your business with a view to buying a product, and in-turn recovering your advert fee! Win-win! Email to if interested in advertising on

Neville G3NUG, Past-President of Chiltern DX Club, said:

We have recently taken advertising space on the DX-World website and developed a Special Offer for membership..and have already had a steady flow of new members from all over the world.

James, N4EGA of CQmaps said:

Ok, I’m pretty impressed with the number of visitors from I’m also glad I advertised with you. I received many hits thanks to DX-World and your Facebook / twitter accounts. I am now totally swamped with orders! I will most likely extend my advertising. I actually run a banner advert on another site and wish I would have just used instead. Lot more traffic from your site.

Wayne, N0UN of Ham Supply said:

Started advertising on January 10th – what a difference!

In addition, due to high viewing figures on site, the VP8SGI/VP8STI team leaders were very impressed when during one weekend in May 2015, an extra $3000 was raised after DX-World published a request for support aimed at its readership. You can read what Paul N6PSE said here.

If you would like to know more about displaying an advert on DX-World, together with examples of placement and payment structure, please contact Col MM0NDX.


Current & previous advertisers:


Thanks to advertisers DX-World has sometimes been able to financially support mostly IOTA DXpeditions since 2012.

Email to if interested in advertising on