C5DX School DXpedition – February 2018

The call C5DX has been granted and will be activated again between 9th February – 16th February 2018, as part of a school trip to the Gambia.

​A party of 18 sixth form students and 3 staff from Sandringham School in St. Albans, England will visit their partner school Farafenni Senior Secondary High. The two schools have worked in partnership for 10 years and Farafenni High is now one of the highest achieving rural schools in The Gambia.

Part of the visit is to see the progress of a major extension to the school library to create a dedicated learning space for students to use in and out of school hours. This has been achieved from fundraising at Sandringham School, St. Albans. Headteacher Alan Gray G4DJX is part of this group and will lead the DXpedition aspect to the trip.

He will operate mainly CW and four licenced students from the Sandringham School Amateur Radio Club (M0SCY) who are also on the trip will operate SSB – Jessica (M6LPJ), Polly (M6POG), Morgan (M6MXD)
and Stan (M6SQO). It will be their first DXpedition and they will be learning how to operate from a semi-rare country so please bear this in mind and be patient with them as they learn the craft of DX operating. This will bring YOTA to many amateurs across the world.

They will be taking a K3, KPA500, KAT500 combination to run 400W into a multi-band dipole (the new Aerial-51 Model 807 ultra-light OCF Dipole) kindly built and donated by Rick, DJ0IP of Aerial-51. SpiderBeam have also part sponsored this DXpedition with a 12m SpiderPole and associated equipment.
​They will operate spilt and endeavour to upload logs whilst there. They also hope to update their QRZ page during the DXpedition.

Sandringham School Amateur Radio Club now has 17 licensed amateurs with more waiting to take either Foundation or Intermediate exams. Anyone who is licensed and interested in teaching at Sandringham should contact Alan G4DJX directly.