Thursday, December 12, 2019

[REMINDER] 9G5GS – Ghana

Matt 9G5GS will again be active from Sanzule, Ellembelle District, Ghana during November 26 to December 28, 2019. QRV on 15m to 160m, using mostly FT8 Fox/Hound and SSB. Also expect some SSB activity through...

3B8M – Mauritius

A team consisting G0CKV, K1ZZ, KX7M, N6AA, W6XD and N6VI will be active from Mauritius as 3B8M during the CQWW CW contest (November 23-24, 2019). Activity before/after the contest on low bands. QSL via...

SU8WRC & SU8X – Egypt

Egyptian Radio Amateur Society (ERASD) together with National Telecommunications Radio Authority (NTRA) of Egypt, are jointly announcing a special event and permit of SU8X and SU8WRC to conduct operations from the city of Sharm...

6V1A – Goree Island, AF-045 – Senegal

REMINDER - 6W1KI, 6W1PZ, 6W1QL, 6W7JX + others will again be active as 6V1A from Gore Island AF-045 during December 13-15, 2019. ORV on SSB and CW on various bands with two...

QSL preview – A82X / A82Z

A82X / A82Z took place during early October 2019. This is their QSL card.

CQWW CW 2019

Good luck to all participants. A consolidated listing of stations taking part in the contest this weekend can be found here

C5/SQ7RAI – The Gambia

Artur, SQ7RAI informs DX-World that he will be active from the Gambia as C5/SQ7RAI during November 12-20, 2019. QRV on 20-6m; FT8 & SSB. QSL via H/c, LoTW, eQSL.

[QRT] 6O7O – Somalia

SEPTEMBER 27 The beverage and Mosley beam has been taken down. Ken will QRT on the 28th at 0315 UTC shortly after 40m NA session. He is running only on African dipoles on 20/17. 160/80/40/30 will...

5H3CA & 5H3RRC – Mafia Island, AF-054

REMINDER -- Elena, RC5A and Yuri, RM0F will be active from Mafia Island, AF-054 (Tanzania) during September 29 to October 5, 2019. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB. QSL via RC5A.

FT5XT – Kerguelen Island

OCTOBER 10, 2017 - FT5XT op: Gildas, F4HQZ (ex-TU5KG) will be active on October 11th. Look for him on 21Mhz or 14Mhz SSB during his spare time (2 or 3 hours) on Kerguelen Island. Gildas...

Z81C – South Sudan

James (ex-P29HG, VK4GKA) will be active when time permits from Juba, South Sudan as Z81C. He is residing there for at least 18 months. QRV on SSB. QSL info T.b.d.

3DA0AO – Kingdom of eSwatini

NEWS UPDATE by Pista, 3DA0AO / HA5AO - I arrived in Swaziland on Sunday 15th September at noon. I had 100kg checked in luggage in 4 packs. The customs cleared with no issue, but took...

ZD7W – St Helena

Oliver, W6NV will be active from St Helena as ZD7W during the CQWW CW contest (November 23-24, 2019). QRV as SOAB. QSL via LoTW.

5L3BI – Baiyah Island, AF-111P – Liberia

NEWS UPDATE, NOVEMBER 1 @ 19:45z--After trying for 2 days the 5L3BI team couldn't make a landing. Way too dangerous. Jeremy EI5GM and Col MM0NDX almost capsized next to rock. The swell around the...

6O1OO – Somalia

Ali EP3CQ will again be active from Somalia as 6O1OO starting October 22 for four weeks. QRV when time permits, mainly FT8.

DX-World Flag/T-shirt Gallery

It's become very apparent over the years that many operators or teams have a DX-World flag / or t-shirt on their possession and decide to take pictures. Unfortunately, until now, I did not keep...

XT2AW – Burkina Faso

MAY 12, 2019 -- Harald, DF2WO will again be active from Burkina Faso as XT2AW during December 2-20, 2019. QRV on HF, Digi/CW/SSB.

5Z4/G3AB – Kenya

Andy, G3AB now resides in Nairobi, Kenya and is awaiting his new 5Z4 callsign. Arrived in Nairobi on 30 Sept 2019. Going to be a long-term resident here. Awaiting a temporary amateur radio licence from...

Operations at 1U4UN

NEWS UPDATE - Interesting and well edited video above is of the unrecognised Kingdom of Bir Tawil. In the video you will see the King of Bir Tawil, RA9USU operating as 1U4UN and the...

5R8IC – Madagascar

Eric, F6ICX informs that he will again be active from Sainte Marie (Nosy Boraha) Island, AF-090 as 5R8IC between November 5, 2018 to mid-February 2019. QRV on HF bands, mostly CW. QSL via...