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RI1ANR – Novolazarevskaya Base, Antarctica

Oleg ZS1ANF, Slava RD3MX and Alex UA1PAW will be stationed at the Novolazarevskaya Base, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica between November 2014 to March 2015. They plan activity on 160-10m, CW/SSB. QSL via RK1PWA. FIRST FOR DX NEWS...

VK0DMV (VI0ANZAC) – Casey Station, Antarctica

UPDATE We have just received news from Doug VK0DMV that the weather in Antarctic is looking good after two days of blizzard conditions and as a result he is planning to operational tomorrow the...

Video – VP8SGI DXpedition

VP8SGI DXpedition video by the Intrepid DX Team. The VP8STI video can found here. Over 137,000 QSOs combined were made from both DXpeditions.

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A tour of KC4USV, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

A tour of the McMurdo Station amateur radio station, KC4USV by Nathaniel, W2NAF.

DP0GVN – Neumayer III Station, Antarctic

Look for Roman, HB9HCF to be active from Neumayer III Station (AN-016), Antarctica during the upcoming 2020 scientific research season. QRV on satellites and possibly HF bands. QSL via DL5EBE.

Video – FT3YL, Adelie Land

Most excellent video by François F4HLT who is currently active as FT3YL, Adelie Land, Antarctica.

Announcing IOTA activities

The new "Islands On The Air" website - unlike the old RSGB IOTA website - does not allow readers or users to upload or announce details of any particular island activities they may have planned for...

8J1RL & 8J6ØJARE – Antarctica

Yath, JG2MLI will be active from the SYOWA research station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica as 8J1RL starting January 1, 2017 to January 20, 2018. In addition, to mark the 60th anniversary of Japanese Antarctic Research...

Video – E51DOM/MM on way to Bouvet

Video by SP3CMX on the ill-fated voyage to Bouvet Island by the 3Y0I team.

LU4ZS – Seymour Island, AN-013

NEWS UPDATE - Operator Juan, LU4ZS is active from Marambio Base, Seymour Island, Antarctica for 4 more days. Activity mostly on 40m. QSL via LU4DXU.


A once in a lifetime opportunity to own full-sized DX-World flags signed by the VP8STI / VP8SGI team, including the RV Braveheart captain, Nigel Jolly, will be up for grabs soon! More details next week...

LU1ZI – South Shetland Isl.

NEWS UPDATE - Following last years' activity from Carlini Base, South Shetland Islands, this year look for Juan LU4CJM to be active as LU1ZI or LU4CJM/Z until end of February 2017. QRV only during...

Out of interest..

UPDATE II - Videos of landing on Bouvet UPDATE - New Bouvet Island base now complete. Message from Johan, ZS1A, January 16, 2014 Today the SA Agulhas arrives at 3Y with a team of Norwegians on board....

FT5X – Kerguelen Island

BREAKING DX NEWS   A DXpedition to Kerguelen Island (FT5X) is planned for November/December 2015. Keep it for full details in the coming weeks.

RI1ANO – South Shetlands

Alex, UA1OJL will be active from Bellinghausen station, King George Island, South Shetlands (AN-010) as RI1ANO from April 2017 to March 2018. QRV spare time on all bands CW, SSB & Digi. QSL via...

US Antarctic Stations On LoTW

  As of Sept 2014 the three U. S. Antarctic stations, KC4AAA, KC4AAC, and KC4USV, are now using LoTW whenever the operator there sends the QSL Manager an eLog. Some of the older logs may be...

VU3BPZ/P – Maitri & Bharati stations, Antarctica

Bhagwati, VU3BPZ is returning to Antarctica and will be active from both Maitri and Bharati stations. He departs on November 20 and is expected to stay until December 15, 2016. Activity on 15 & 20 SSB. QSL...