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“Big Ben” erupts on Heard Island

Out of interest we thought this worth viewing. (video opens in new page) A reminder that VK0EK takes place later this year.

CE8DMT – Navarino Island, SA-050

REMINDER: Look for Jose to be active from Navarino on March 23 & 24th on 15M (21.277 @ 13:30 to 15:30 UTC) and 10M (28.477  @ 16:00 to 17:00 UTC) Jose, CE8DMT is again QRV...

DL1LLL/MM – near North Pole

Lars, DL1LLL is currently aboard Ice-breaker ODEN at 85N (near North Pole). Lars is at sea until 20th September and informs DX-World that he has no idea how active he'll be due to workload, but...

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IA0MZ – Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

Max IA0MZ updates on his activity from Terra Nova Bay: On my second day on air, I have experienced huge pile ups where unfortunately (as usual), people do not abide the rule; all calling on everyone, many people do not...

RI1ANV – Vostok Station, Antarctica

Currently active from Vostok Station as RI1ANC during his spare time, Alexei RD1AV will sign RI1ANV from December 24th until mid-February 2019. (RI1ANC license expires on 24th). QRV on HF bands. QSL via RN1ON.

US Antarctic Stations On LoTW

  As of Sept 2014 the three U. S. Antarctic stations, KC4AAA, KC4AAC, and KC4USV, are now using LoTW whenever the operator there sends the QSL Manager an eLog. Some of the older logs may be...

[UPDATE] 3Y0Z – Bouvet 2018

NEWS UPDATE - We are pleased that we can now offer refunds to ALL those that helped support the 2018 Bouvet DXpedition (3YØZ). This will begin early in January 2019. Please QRX for the...

[UPDATE] 3Y0I – Bouvet Island

..Sometime in the next 10 days you will be tracking the two to three day sea trial of our ship the “Atlantic Tuna.. ..IF the sea trial goes as expected, we will announce our departure date.. LATEST...

VP8DPJ – Adelaide Island, AN-001

Alan, MW0YCC is the Communications Manager on Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island, AN-001, British Antarctic Territory. Operating as VP8DPJ (or VP8ROT) as time permits. Possibly QRV from other Antarctic locations until April 2018. QSL via eQSL.

Macquarie research station to remain open.

Just over a week after it was announced that the VK0/M research station was to close in 2017, a decision by the Australian Federal Government has reversed the closure. After three days of outcry from...

3Y/B – Bouvet 2016

PRESS RELEASE #1 BOUVET DXPEDITION 2016 On October 18 broke the news about a one-man DXpedition to Bouvet (3Y) planned for the first quarter of 2016. The news was met with disbelief and excitement. Those who...

LU9EFO – Antartica Project 2016/17

Click webpage for full detials

A Stop to South Georgia by Intrepid DX Group

A Stop to South Georgia from Intrepid DX Group on Vimeo.

8T2BH – Bharati Station, Antarctica

NEWS UPDATE - Raj, VU3LBP will soon replace Bhagwati Prasad VU3BPZ/8T2BH as Communications Officer during the upcoming 36th ISEA expedition to Bharati Station, Larsemann Hills, Antarctica. This will be his QTH for the next...

Video – RI0C, Iony Island AS-069

Hello to all! RI0C video is avaliable (while only in Russian): P.S. We have started sending QSL of all three islands: RI0C (AS-069), R24RRC (AS-114 and AS-044). How to request QSL please see here:

Images at 8T2BH, Antarctica

Gianni, I1HYW, QSL manager for 8T2BH, says: Bhagwati VU3BPZ / 8T2BH has sent me some pics of auroras taken at Bharati Base on his May 16 (May 15 for us). The lack of conditions probably...