Sunday, September 22, 2019

ZL5A – Scott Base, Antarctica

Adam ZL4ASC has announced that during the 2018-2019 winter season, he will be active from the the Scott Base, Antarctica as ZL5A. For more info bookmark Adam's website Note: Adam will be working on critical...

POLL: Will 3Y0I be an ATNO for you?

Simple, quick poll as we patiently await 3Y0I signals.

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UPDATE II - Videos of landing on Bouvet UPDATE - New Bouvet Island base now complete. Message from Johan, ZS1A, January 16, 2014 Today the SA Agulhas arrives at 3Y with a team of Norwegians on board....

RI59ANT – South Shetland Islands

Alexander, RX0QM is a member of the 59th Russian Antarctic Expedition. Approx March 10th he will replace current operator Oleg, RI1ANU at Bellingshausen station on King George Island, South Shetlands (AN-010), and be active on...

VU3BPZ/P – Maitri & Bharati stations, Antarctica

Bhagwati, VU3BPZ is returning to Antarctica and will be active from both Maitri and Bharati stations. He departs on November 20 and is expected to stay until December 15, 2016. Activity on 15 & 20 SSB. QSL...

RI20ANT – South Shetland Islands

Alexander, RW3RN and Oleg, UA3HK (ZS1OIN) will be active as RI20ANT from Bellingshausen Station, King George Island, South Shetland Islands between December 17-31, 2013. Main activity on 20m, CW & SSB. QSL via RW3RN. RI20ANT video

Halley VI – New Antarctic Station

The British Antarctic Survey's new research station, Halley VI, becomes fully operational this month. As yet, no word on future ham radio activities, even though the array of log periodics looks very enticing! Here's more...

EM1UA & EM1U – Galindez Island, AN-006

Roman, UT7UA is currently en-route to the Antarctic Vernadsky Research Base located on Galindez Island (Biscoe Islands AN-006) and is expected to soon be active from there as EM1UA and/or EM1U. QRV on HF bands....

DP0GVN – Neumayer III Station, Antarctic

Matthias, DH5CW will be active as DP0GVN from Neumayer III Station, Antarctica (AN-016) from mid-February 2018 to mid-February 2019. QRV on HF bands when time permits. QSL via DL5EBE.

Video – VP8SGI DXpedition

VP8SGI DXpedition video by the Intrepid DX Team. The VP8STI video can found here. Over 137,000 QSOs combined were made from both DXpeditions.

3Y0G not happening anytime soon.

Marc, ON4WW says: The 3Y0G callsign was assigned to me two years ago by the Norwegian Communications Agency. I have no intentions to activate Bouvet this season, contrary to what some sources indicate.

8J1RL & 8J6ØJARE – Antarctica

Yath, JG2MLI will be active from the SYOWA research station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica as 8J1RL starting January 1, 2017 to January 20, 2018. In addition, to mark the 60th anniversary of Japanese Antarctic Research...

VK0DB – Davis Base, Antarctica

Bob, VK0DB, working for the Australian Antarctic Division, is located at Davis Base, Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica. He has been briefly active since arriving there earlier this year, but now plans to be "busy on air"...

RI1ANA – Molodezhnaya Station, Antarctica.

Nikolai, RW6ACM is now active as RI1ANA from Molodezhnaya Station, AN-016, Antarctica, until the end of February 2018. QRV on HF; CW, SSB & Digi. QSL via RN1ON, LoTW, Club Log OQRS.

A tour of KC4USV, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

A tour of the McMurdo Station amateur radio station, KC4USV by Nathaniel, W2NAF.

3Y0Z Bouvet Presentation by K4UEE

Narrated PowerPoint presentation recently presented at the DX Forum at Dayton Hamvention and W5DXCC/HamCom. Includes a summary of the 3Y0Z DXpedition with stunning pictures, our Vessel vetting process, what we learned, planned refund of...

LU4ZS – Seymour Island, AN-013

NEWS UPDATE - Operator Juan, LU4ZS is active from Marambio Base, Seymour Island, Antarctica for 4 more days. Activity mostly on 40m. QSL via LU4DXU.

RI1ANW – Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica

Alexei, RN1ON informs DX-World that Sergey, R3IW will soon be active from Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica as RI1ANW until March 2019. QRV on HF bands preferably in Digi. QSL via RN1ON (Club Log OQRS, Direct...

VK0EK – Heard Island

QRT April 6 - Good morning from Heard Island. Propagation conditions continue to improve, and the low bands were especially productive last night with many ATNOs on 40 m and new bands for 80...