Sunday, May 26, 2019

JD1YAB/JD1 – Minami Torishima

JD1YAB/JD1 will again QRV from Minami Torishima during November 30 to December 3, 2018. QRV when time permits. Check 21180 SSB. QSL via JS1LMG.

AU2HAM – Ganga Sagar Mela, AS-153

Members of the West Bengal Radio Club (VU2WB) will be active from Ganga Sagar Mela, AS-153 as AU2HAM during January 10-17, 2019. QRV on HF. QSL via VU2NRO.

XU7AKB – Cambodia

Steff, HB9FXL informs DX-World that he will again be active from Cambodia (various locations) as XU7AKB during November 22 to December 14, 2018. QRV on HF bands, SSB & FT8. QSL via H/c.

4S7DLG – Sri Lanka

Berndhard, DK7TF and Jürgen, DH6ICE are going back to Sri Lanka and will again be QRV as 4S7DLG. QTH: Hikaduwa. They will be QRV mostly on SSB and FT8 during November 22nd and December...

EP6RRC – Shif Island, AS-189NEW

NOVEMBER, 12 -- The team EP6RRC is ready for trip to AS-189. Journey starts on November 14 but on air we plan to appear not earlier than late evening November 16 (UTC). We plan...

A52BH – Bhutan

Martti, OH2BH will remain in Bhutan as A52BH on all-bands for another week. While the A5A CQWW team is leaving today (Tuesday), the station will remain QRV as A52BH until Monday next week. The...

8Q7JX – Maldives

Masa, JR3RIU informs DX-World that he will be active from the Maldives as 8Q7JX during November 23-25, 2018. QRV mainly for the CQWW CW contest (40-10m). QSL via JR3RIU.

9N7AP – Nepal

Japanese team consisting JA1PFP, JA3RVS, JH3AZC, JH3QFL & JP3EXR are active as 9N7AP from Pokhara, Nepal until October 31, 2018. QRV on 160-6m, plus EME activity; FT8.

QSL preview – 3W9JK

Jacek, SP5APW was active from Vietnam (including AS-162) during September 15-27, 2018. This is his QSL card.

Bhutan DXpedition 2018

UPDATE - Photos by E21EIC of OH2BH and DJ9ZB at mic as A52BH & A52ZB. Bhutan DXpedition and CQ WW DX Contest SSB 2018 Activity between Oct 24 – 30, 2018. QRV: 160-10m Zorro, JH1AJT will travel...

JD1BPH & JI1CRM/JD1 – Ogasawara

Masa, JH1HHC and Hideo, JI1CRM will be active from Komagari, Chichijima Island, Ogasawara as JD1BPH and JI1CRM/JD1 during November 22 to December 7, 2018.

Running costs of DX-World

UPDATE - Thanks a lot to the following readers who very recently & kindly decided to donate: AB3CV, DL1YM, DK3DG, DK3WE, DL3FCG, DJ4MH, DG5LAC, DL5KUD, DM5EM, DK6NJ, DG7NFX, DH7RG, DF8DX, DL9NC, EA5CI, EA7BJ, EI3HA, EU1KY,...

AT4DK – Pamban Island, AS-173

NEWS UPDATE - The callsign AT4DK has been granted for this upcoming IOTA activity. SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 -- A VU team led by VU3NPI (calling themselves Manic Monkeys) will be activating Pamban Island (Dhanushkodi) AS-173...

8Q7PE & 8Q7YC – Maldives

NEWS UPDATE - James, 9V1YC and Wilbert, PE7T are QRV from Ukulhas Island, Alif Alif Atoll, Maldives as 8Q7YC and 8Q7PE.  Oct 12-21.  80m-10m, Mostly CW. QSL: 8Q7YC to W5UE. 8Q7PE PE7T via buro only. JUNE 17, 2016...

XV9WJR – Vietnam

NEWS UPDATE - Look for Bill, XV9WJR to be active from Con Dao, AS-130 during October 12-15, 2018. SEPTEMBER 21 - WA7WJR as XV9WJR will again be operating from Vietnam during October 3-27, 2018. QRV...

8Q7DX – Maldives

Braco, E77DX will be active from Baa Atoll, Maldives as 8Q7DX during November 10-25, 2018. QRV on all HF bands 160-10m and participation in CQ WW DX CW Contest (24hr category). QSL via OE1EMS....

E44WE – Palestine

Janusz, SP9FIH will again be active from Palestine as E44WE between October 27 to November 11, 2018. QRV on 20-10m, possibly low bands; FT8, SSB, RTTY. Participation in the CQWW DX SSB Contest. More...

D70LW/3 – Hwang Island, AS-080

Han, DS2GOO, Rew, DS4NYE, Rocky, HL1VAU, + others from Korea Contest Club will be active from Hwang Island (IOTA AS-080) during October 12th (09:00UTC) to 14th (24:00), 2018. The team will use their homecalls/3 as...

XU7AME – Cambodia

Jaye, VK2SD is currently active from Phnom Penh, Cambodia as XU7AME. QRV on 40 & 20m when time permits until October 16, 2018.

RI0B – Arctic Legends IOTA DXpedition

NEWS UPDATE -- We carried out reconnaissance of the island (AS-087). We will land on a sand spit. The weather deteriorates badly, the rain intensifies.  Caught a strong swell when approaching the island. Today, in...