Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Announcing IOTA activities

The new "Islands On The Air" website - unlike the old RSGB IOTA website - does not allow readers or users to upload or announce details of any particular island activities they may have planned for...

RI1OM – Morzhovets Island, EU-119

UPDATE - Oleg UA1PBA, Yuri UA1OC, Alex UA1OJL and Alexei RN1ON will be active as RI1OM from Morzhovets Island EU-119 on 1-5 July 2019. On the way to/from Morzhovets Island activity is planned as...

DX-World Flag/T-shirt Gallery

It's become very apparent over the years that many operators or teams have a DX-World flag / or t-shirt on their possession and decide to take pictures. Unfortunately, until now, I did not keep...

Z68UR – Kosovo

UPDATE - Website now online Max, ON5UR plans activity from Kosovo as Z68UR during September 20-30, 2018. His QTH will be near the border with Albania.

A short QRX

Just a short note to say that DX-World will be updating news on a very limited basis during the next few days. This is due to me joining DL8JJ and G4PVM on a trip...

360 ° at Market Reef

Short videos taken by OJ0Y team member MM0NDX. One from the top of lighthouse, other at ground level among the rocks. Market Reef is a fantastic place (when the WX is nice!)

International DX-World Gathering?

In an ambitious move, DX-World is looking at the possibility of creating and hosting a yearly International DX-World Gathering - with the prime aim of bringing website readers, DXpeditioners, IOTA enthusiasts, SWL's, DXers, speakers, advertisers...

Z68M – Kosovo

Mome, Z32ZM will be active from Pristina, Kosovo as Z68M between February 22 to March 6, 2018. QSL via Club Log OQRS.

JW7QIA – Svalbard

Peter, LA7QIA will once again head to Isfjord radio in Svalbard for a 6 meter operation. From June 29 to July 6 he will be active from square JQ68. He is hoping that a...

Kosovo QSL Cards Mailed In US

Martti Laine, OH2BH, brought over 2000 Z60A QSL cards with him to California on April 17th. On April 18th, members of the Northern California DX Club, helped Martti seal the envelopes and apply postage....

IM0/I0PNM – San Pietro, EU-165

Massimo, I0PNM will be active (SSB) from San Pietro island EU-165 during the upcoming IOTA contest as IM0/I0PNM. QSL via H/c.

RK1O/p – Sosnovets island, EU-161

Oleg UA1PBA, Slava RD3MX, Alexei RN1ON, Yuri UA1OC and Alex UA1OJL will be active as RK1O/p from Sosnovets island (IOTA: EU-161, RLHA: RLE-045, WLH: LH-1589, ARLHS: ERU-066; RDA: MU-18) on 1-5 July. They plan to operate CW...

ZA/ZA1P – Albania

A Polish team consisting SP9FIH, SP2FUD, SP6CIK, SP6JZL SP6OJK and SP9TCE will be active from Shqipëria, Albania as ZA/ZA1P (call correct!) between September 9-18, 2016. QRV on 160-6m, CW/SSB/RTTY. Website

IOTA Contest 2019

Bookmark ADXO for regularly updated participants in this years' IOTA contest. Keep an eye on the IOTA page of DX-World too.

Z66Y – Kosovo

NEWS UPDATE -- The Amateur Radio Society of Kosovo, SHRAK, is proud to announce a youth activity in the WPX contest this coming weekend.  The youth of Kosovo and Turkey will join to work...

More footage from RI1F DXpedition to EU-190

Bears against walruses, walruses against people!

SV2/YL7A – Mt Athos

UPDATE Latest info from the team: May 21, 2015 07:27 GMT: Expedition cancelled. Team is returning home Here is the Website which was promised to be available had activity been possible. Kostas SV1DPI informs DX-World readers that today...

Z6/EI5GM & Z6/EI9FBB – Kosovo

NEWS UPDATE - Greetings from Dave Z6/EI9FBB and Jeremy Z6/EI5GM ! OCTOBER 25, 2018 -- Jeremy EI5GM and Dave EI9FBB will be active from Kosovo as Z6/EI5GM & Z6/EI9FBB during October 30 to November 5,...

3A/G4PVM & 3A/OJ0Y – Monaco

Look for Paul, G4PVM and Col, MM0NDX (OJ0Y) to be active from Monaco during November 2-5, 2019. QRV on 40-10m, possibly 80m & 160m; CW/SSB/FT8. QSL both calls via EB7DX.

News report on RI1F, EU-190

Short news report (in Russian) on recent RI1F expedition to EU-190 by Murmansk TV. Footage includes radio operations and polar bears.