Thursday, February 22, 2018

4S7NKG – Sri Lanka

Nikolay, LZ1NK will be active from Weligama, Sri Lanka as 4S7NKG during March 1-5, 2018. QSL via H/c.

The FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin #237

Here’s the very latest FREE (non-subscription) DX-World Weekly Bulletin written by Bjorn, ON9CFG. As always it’s packed full of info and this week runs to a bumper 15 pages. You can download it here.

H44YM & H40YM – Solomon Isl & Temotu

Chungki, VA7YM (ex-YJ0YM, A31YM) will be active from the Solomon Islands and Temotu Province between February 24 to March 17, 2018. Schedule as follows: - 2/24 Arrival Honiara, Solomon Islands Operate as H44YM - 2/27 Move to...

[UPCOMING] 3D2EU – Rotuma

UPDATE - The team have arrived Nadi, Fiji. Tomorrow (local time) they fly to Rotuma. FEBRUARY 14, 2018 -- Last week Tony 3D2AG told us that he couldn’t come with us as the fifth...

FG/OE6MBG – Guadeloupe

Mike, OE6MBG will try to be active from Guadeloupe as FG/OE6MBG from March 6-20, 2018 as a holiday-type DXpedition. Focus will be on potential 10 meter openings, looking for Europe, as well as 40...

TO972A – Martinique

Look for F5OZF, F5RXL, F6EXV & FM5WD to be active as TO972A from Martinique between February 20 to March 2, 2018. QRV all bands; CW SSB + digital; QSL also OK via F5RXL (Buro...

Z68AA & Z68RBJ – Kosovo

Emir, 9A6AA and Robert, 9A5RBJ will be active from Peja, Kosovo as Z68AA and Z68RBJ between May 14-21, 2018. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c.#

Z68M – Kosovo

Mome, Z32ZM will be active from Pristina, Kosovo as Z68M between February 22 to March 6, 2018. QSL via Club Log OQRS.

JA4GXS/6 – Amami-O, AS-023

Kenji, JA4GXS will be active from Amami O island AS-023 during May 6 (08:00UTC) to May 7 (21:00UTC). QRV on 40-17m, CW/SSB/FT8. QSL via H/c.

Video – 3C0L/3C1L

3C0L/3C1L - Ham radio DXpedition to Equatorial Guinea from October 9 - November 12, 2017. Team consisted of 2 Latvian radio amateurs - YL2GM and YL3AIW.

D2TI – Tigres Island AF-108P

NEWS UPDATE - New dates released soon. Bookmark mid-March. More to follow...Keep it DX-World for further info very soon. This IOTA group has never been activated.

T32AH – Christmas Island

Uli, DL2AH informs DX-World that he will be active from Christmas Island as T32AH between September 12 to October 1, 2018. QRV on 80-10m; SSB/RTTY/FT8.

3Y0I – Bouvet Island

NEWS UPDATE -- A number of individuals and teams have been trying to reach and land on Bouvet Island. But this isn’t an "easy” island to deal with. To succeed, one may need determination,...

J68SL – St Lucia

Steve, WF2S will again be active from St Lucia as J68SL during mid-March. Focus on FT8. QSL via LoTW, Club Log OQRS.

KG6CIH/VP9 & WH6DSN/VP9 – Bermuda

Chris, KG6CIH and David, WH6DSN will be active from Bermuda during March 8-12, 2018. QRV holiday-style, HF bands; SSB. QSL via LoTW.

[UPDATE] Z60A – Kosovo

FEBRUARY 19 -- ES2RR, OG2M, OH1MA, OH2BH and Z62FB left Pristina and crossed the Albanian border at 2PM today on their way to their Albanian homes. They plan to work on antennas at ZA1EM...

9M0W – Spratly

NEWS UPDATE -- International Amateur Radio Team will be active from Layang Layang Island (Swallow Reef), Spratly Islands, IOTA AS-051 during March 6-13, 2018 as 9M0W. QSL via YT1AD. The Team: YT1AD, HL5FUA, K9JM, YT3W,...

Operations at 1U4UN

NEWS UPDATE - Dima, RA9USU (as part of his Transafrican Expedition) was recently active from Bir Tawil as 1U4UN making 700 QSOs in the process. Whilst there he erected a 1/4 vertical atop the...

JW/DL4APJ & JW/DJ2AX – Svalbard

Torsten, DL4APJ and Peter, DJ2AX will be active from Svalbard as JW/DL4APJ and JW/DJ2AX during September 20-25, 2018. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c.

[UPDATE] 3Y0Z – Bouvet 2018

FEBRUARY 18, 2018 - Cape Town radio amateurs hosted a reception at the Royal Cape Yacht Club today for the 3Y0Z team (as if they hadn't had enough of boats!). What a great opportunity...