Saturday, September 22, 2018

FS/W7TAE – St Martin

Daryl, W7TAE is now active from St Martin as FS/W7TAE until January 18, 2014. QRP activity on 12-17-20m, SSB/CW. QSL via H/c.

9U4U – Burundi

The 9U4U team made 70K QSOs. To celebrate this achievement they had champagne lunch. The team is now QRT and equipment packed. They leave Burundi tomorrow morning @ 09 local. Website Twitter

KG6CIH/VP9 & WH6DSN/VP9 – Bermuda

Chris, KG6CIH and David, WH6DSN will be active from Bermuda during March 8-12, 2018. QRV holiday-style, HF bands; SSB. QSL via LoTW.

HC8/G8OFQ – Galapagos Islands

DXPEDITION POSTPONED Returning to the Galapagos Islands is Geoff, G8OFQ who was last active there during July - September 2015. Working as a volunteer for the Galapagos National Park, at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre on...

8Q7UX – Maldives

REMINDER - Francesco, IK0FUX will be active from Maayafushi Isl, Maldives as 8Q7UX between December 1-9, 2014. QRV holiday-style, HF bands. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

FO/KH0PR – Pukapuka OC-062 & Raivavae OC-114

Yoshi JJ8DEN (ex-VP6PR, E51AIU, V63PR) plans to be active from the following islands in French Polynesia / Austral: FO/KH0PR from Pukapuka OC-062 between April 30 to May 7, 2013. FO/KH0PR from Raivavae OC-114 between May 8...

5X1XA – Uganda

Alan, G3XAQ, will be active from Kampala as 5X1XA on CW only from November 12-28, 2016. QRV for CQWW CW and holiday-style before on HF. QSL via G3SWH.


The ‘F’ in DXFC stands for ‘Feet’: countries in which you have stepped foot. This is for licensed radio amateurs who like travelling. We DXers know all about DXCC so this is just our...

ZA/PA2LS – Albania

UPCOMING -- PE1KL, PD5LKM and PA2LS will be active from Albania as ZA/PA2LS between March 22-29, 2017. QRV on 160-2m, CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK. Participation in CQ WPX SSB contest. QSL via PA2LS (buro/direct).

VP2MLU – Montserrat

Lu, W4LT will be active holiday-style from Montserrat as VP2MLU between July 8-17, 2015. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET  

ZS8Z QSL issues

Following info by David ZS8Z was posted on today. It is slightly edited here for clarity. Furthermore, if "ham-spirit" is really alive and well, perhaps some souls could help David? "Update on the QSL...

VU4K – Andaman Islands

UPDATE from Krish VU4K This much can be said. The EU nastiness has gone through the roof as compared to the past years. There's complaints about looking out for NA. There's complaints about the size...

QSL preview – 3D2GG, E51Q, T2J & VP6J

All QSL requests have been answered.


The VP8STI/VP8SGI Team is pleased to report that all their DXpedition equipment has arrived in Tauranga, New Zealand. It has been fumigated and has cleared Customs. It's now being stored by the RV Braveheart...

Your DX News!

  Have DX News? Going on DXpedition? Going on DX-vacation? Have plans to activate a DX-IOTA? Contact us and send news. We publish DX info freely for all to read and share, including weekends. DX-World Facebook and Twitter feeds very...

6W1RY – Senegal

During the CQ WW DX Contest, SSB (Oct 29-30, 2016), F5VHJ & F6BEE will be active from Mbour, Senegal as 6W1RY. QSL direct to F5VHJ, OQRS, LoTW, REF Buro. USA cards to WA6WPG.

QSL card preview – A3EAQ

Superbly designed by Stan SQ8X and shipping soon.

QSL card preview – VU4K

Thanks to Krish, W4VKU for QSL preview of VU4K

FG/F6HMQ & FG/F6GWV – Guadeloupe

Gildas, F6HMQ and Michel, F6GWV will be active from Guadeloupe as FG/F6HMQ & FG/F6GWV between February 23 to March 12, 2018. QRV on HF bands with participation in ARRL DX SSB Contest as TO3Z.

XV9G – Vietnam

Jesus, JP7MBO (WP4JBG) will be active from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as XV9G between April 19 to May 9, 2017. QRV on 40/20/15m, mainly CW, some SSB. QSL via JP7MBO or WP4JBG.