Monday, August 19, 2019

The FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin #310

The latest FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin compiled by Bjorn, ON9CFG.  

5C9A – Los Farallones Island, AF-118NEW

See here for why this expedition was cancelled as some of the team were about to board their plane.

7V9A – Srigina Island, AF-104

Afif, 7X2RO informs DX-World that he, 7X5QB, 7X2WB and DL8CX will be active as 7V9A from Srigina island AF 104 during July 25-29, 2019. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB. Participation in the IOTA contest.

3D2DOM – Fiji

During the IOTA contest look for Dom 3Z9DX to be active from OC-156 (Yasawa group). Callsign: 3D2DOM.

T6A & T6AA – Afghanistan

Robert, S53R will be active from Kabul, Afghanistan starting early September 2019 for up to two years. QRV as T6AA. During major contests he will run as T6A. QSL via H/c, LoTW.

VU7RI – Lakshadweep Islands

Shabu, M0KRI + others will be active from Lakshadweep as VU7RI between October 19 to 31, 2019. QRV on 80-6m; focus on higher bands, CW/SSB/FT8. QSL via M0KRI, LoTW, Club Log.

LZ0I – Sveti Ivan Island, EU-181

K1LZ, LZ1QN, LZ1QV, LZ1YQ, LZ1ZF, LZ3BB, LZ4AE, S55M and Z32ZM will be active from Sveti Ivan Island, EU-181 as LZ0I during the IOTA contest. Multi-2 operation. QSL via BFRA Bureau.

HK1NA – Morro Grande Island, SA-082

Members of the HK1NA contest station will be active from Morro Grande island SA-082 during the IOTA contest (July 27-28). QSL via K6IPM.

RT5G/1 – Malyy Island, EU-162

R3GM (Dmitry), RA1QQ (Nick), RT9T (Anton) and RX3QAK (Vlad) will be active from Malyy Island (EU-162, RR02-07, RLE-104, MU-05) on 26-30 July, including participation in the IOTA Contest as RT5G/1. It's also possible they...

IOTA Contest 2019

Bookmark ADXO for regularly updated participants in this years' IOTA contest. Keep an eye on the IOTA page of DX-World too.

TO80SP – St Pierre & Miquelon

DK1BT, DL4WK, DL6SAK, DL7DF, DL7UFR, SP3CYY & SP3DOI will be active from St Pierre & Miquelon as TO80SP during October 2-14, 2019. Active with three stations from 160m through 10m on CW, SSB and...

OH9W/1 – Berghamn Isl, EU-096

OH9W club shall activate Berghamn Island (EU-096) during the IOTA contest as OH9W/1. Operators OH2KW, OH2TA and OH5BQ. QSL via OH5BQ.

OJ9A & OH9A – IOTA EU-192 & EU-126

OJ9A, KATAJA/INAKARI EU-192 AND OH9A, LAPLAND ISLANDS (SELKA-SARVI) EU-126. These two islands, located in the Tornio river delta, will hit the bands for nearly six (6) days on Wednesday, July, 24th until Monday July, 29th, including...

TX2A – Austral Islands

Oliver, W6NV will be active from Raivavae Island, OC-114 (Austral Islands) as TX2A during the RSGB IOTA Contest (Jul 27-28, 2019). QSL via LoTW, H/c. (Actual QRV dates: July 23-29)

TO1J – Martinique

Hideto, JF2QNM will be active from Martinique during October 24-30, 2019. Participation in CQWW SSB contest as TO1J. Outside contest mainly active on WARC bands (CW/SSB) as FM/JF2QNM.

BG4TRN – Chongming Isl, AS-136

BA4TB, BD4TS, BD4SS, BA4MY, BG4TRN, BH4TXN, BH4TVU, BH4SCF, BH4BWX and BI4SCC will be active from Chongming island, AS-136 during the RSGB IOTA contest as BG4TRN. Category will be Multi Two High Power, Grid LOC:...

TO8FTDM – Guadeloupe

To coincide with the recently announced second anniversary of the FT8 Digital Mode Club, look for TO8FTDM to be active from Guadeloupe. More here

9M8RC – Satang Besar Island, OC-165

A team consisting 9M8DEN, 9M8WAT, 9M8ADX, 9W8CH, 9W8ZZK, 9W8MAD, 9W8GEO & 9W8VYY will be operating during the IOTA contest 2019 as 9M8RC from Satang Besar Island, OC-165. 12 hours holiday-style operation from 27/7/2019 12:00UTC to...

9A2L – Sušac Island, EU-016

Members of the Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna and friends (9A3DF, 9A3ST, 9A4WY, 9A5M, 9A5YY, 9A6AA + two non-ham persons) will be active in the IOTA contest from the uninhabited island of Sušac, on...

UR1G – Kalanchakskiye Islands, EU-179

Look for UR8GX, UR3GO, UT3GB, US0GJ and UV5QQ to be active from Kalanchakskiye Islands EU-179 as UR1G during the IOTA contest. Activity will begin on July 24, 2019. QSL via Radioclub “Sputnik”, 2nd Vinogradnaya str.,...