Thursday, February 20, 2020

[REMINDER] E51DDG – Rarotonga

Don, VE7DS will be active from Rarotonga, Cook Islands as E51DDG during February 2-14, 2020. QRV 40-17m; CW. QSL via H/c, LotW.

VY0ERC – Ellesmere Isl, NA-008

VY0ERC will again be QRV during February - March 2020 from Eureka (NA-008). Activity on 40 and 20m and possibly 80m in SSB, FT8 and CW when time and weather permits. Also activity via...

TO5T – St Pierre & Miquelon

A group of Canadian and American operators will activate Ile Aux Marins, St Pierre & Miquelon, IOTA NA-032. Callsign: TO5T Start: 10 August 2020 End: 17 August 2020 Bands: 160m – 6m Modes: CW, SSB and Digital. FT8...

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ZC4RH – UK Sovereign Base Areas, Cyprus

Robert, G4WXJ will be active from UK Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus as ZC4RH during February 4-13, 2020. QRV on CW/SSB and possibly FT8. QSL via H/c.

A25VR – Botswana

David, VE7VR will be active from Botswana as A25VR during May 1-22, 2020. QRV on 40-20m, low power, holiday-style. QSL via H/c.

VE3VSM/HR9 – Roatan Island, NA-057

Dave, VE3VSM will again be active from Roatan Island NA-057 as VE3VSM/HR9 between February 11 and 23, 2020. QRV on 20-15m primarily CW. Participation in ARRL International DX Contest. QSL via home call and...

VP2V/W9DR – British Virgin Islands

Dave, W9DR will be operating from the north shore of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands between June 17-24, 2020 as VP2V/W9DR on 6 meters. Activity on 50.115 Mhz SSB and 50.115.6 Mhz CW and...

3W2MAE – Vietnam

Wolfgang DL5MAE will again be active from Phan Thiet, Vietnam as 3W2MAE during February 13-20, 2020. QRV on HF; CW/SSB. QSL via H/c.

V6TOPG2020 – Federated States of Micronesia

Yes, the callsign is correct! Hari, JA1XGI announces the following: I will be active from Federated State of Micronesia using callsign V6TOPG2020. This is A commemorative call for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic GameS 2020 held...

C6AGE – Bahamas

Gerhard, OE3GEA informs that he will be active from the Bahamas as C6AGE during February 20-25, 2020. QRV holiday-style, 100w; CW only. QSL via H/c.

JA8COE/0 – Sado Island AS-206

Take, JA8COE will be active from Sado Island AS-206 during March 19-22, 2020. QRV on HF bands, CW/FT8/SSB. Focus on EU and low power NA stations. QSL via H/c, Club Log OQRS.

FP/KV1J – St Pierre & Miquelon

Eric, KV1J will be again active from Miquelon as FP/KV1J during June 30 to July 14, 2020. QRV on 160-10m SSB, RTTY, CW & FT8/FT4. Participation in the IARU contest. QSL via home call,...

RI1ANC – Vostok Base, Antarctica

Alexei, RN1ON informs that RI1ANC will be active from Vostok station starting February 10th. QRV mainly in FT8 with some CW & SSB. QSL via RN1ON.

VQ9RA – Diego Garcia

You may need to be quick and at your radio at the right time, but look for Randy, WW6RG to be active from Diego Garcia, Chagos Islands as VQ9RA on January 30th. Check 20m...

DU1S – Cuyo Island, OC-120

Sadao, JA1PBV will QRV from Cuyo Island OC-120 as DU1S starting January 24th with activity lasting four days. QRV on 40-6m, CW & FT8. QSL via H/c.

PJ5/KG9N – Sint Eustatius

Look for Chuck, KG9N to be active from from Sint Eustatius (NA-145) as PJ5/KG9N during February 4-21, 2020. Participation in the ARRL DX CW and CQ WPX RTTY Contests. QSL via LoTW, or via...

VP2MSS – Montserrat

Team VP2MSS (as M/S category) will be active from Montserrat during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 15-16, 2020). QSL via K1QX or LoTW.

Haiti 2020 DXpedition

A 3-4 man team plan activity from the northern part of Haiti (HH5) and one of its coastal islands (NA-149) during early May 2020. Full info coming soon..

FK/JS1KSU – New Caledonia

Mick, JS1KSU is currently active from Noumea, New Caledonia (QTH: FK4RD) as FK/JS1KSU. He is there for a few days. QRV on 20 & 17m SSB.