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V47JA – St Kitts

John, W5JON (as V47JA) will again be operating from his Calypso Bay, St. Kitts, West Indies vacation home, located 200 feet from the Caribbean Sea, from July 20 until August 11, 2019. Active on...

Saint Martin 2019

We are returning to the beautiful island of Saint Martin in December 2019. Our primary focus will be on the low bands - 40, 80, 160, primarily using CW and FT8 to maximize the...

Activation of Tillamook Rock NA-211

Yuri, N3QQ informs that permission has been obtained to operate from Tillamook Rock NA-211 from its owner. Subject to all NOAA/USFWS restrictions and limitations, a preliminary team of Mike AD5A, Rob N7QT, Alexej NW7M,...

K4BRI/P – Bald Head Island, NA-112

Brian, K4BRI informs that he will be activating NA-112 Bald Head island (North Carolina) on July 30th and 31st. It will be a completely portable operation. Mainly QRV on 20m SSB and CW but...

FG/F6BCW – Iles des Saintes, NA-114

Look for Didier, F6BCW to be active from Iles des Saintes NA-114 as FG/F6BCW during May 22-26, 2019. QRV on 20m CW.

NL0H/P – St Lawrence Island, NA-040

Henry, NL0H, will travel on business to St. Lawrence Island, NA-040 (Alaska) during May 16 to 20. He will bring a rig and wire antennas. Unfortunately, there is a CME expected to produce some...

An offer from KC0W

NEWS UPDATE - After careful consideration of the 24 individuals who expressed interest in the accommodations giveaway Tom has decided that Gabriel Ochoa, HK4GOO will get the dates. Thanks to all who sent him...

K7Y – Khantaak Island, NA-250NEW (Alaska)

NEWS UPDATE by K9AJ -- Plans for the previously announced IOTA DXpedition to NA-250 (new) by Bruce/KD6WW & Mike/K9AJ are coming together. We have purchased our air tickets & are scheduled to arrive in Yakutat around...

J79U & J79TA – Dominica

Thomas SM0CXU and Tore SM0DZB will be active from Dominica as J79U and J79TA during May 7-15, 2019. QRV on HF bands. QSL via M0OXO.

J88PI – Grenadines

Brian GW4DVB will again be casually operating as J88PI from Palm Island NA-025 (Grenadines) between May 6-15, 2019. QRV 40-6m, mainly SSB. QSL via H/c.

V31AK – Belize

Josep, EA3AKY will be active from Belize as V31AK during May 23-28, 2019. Participation in the CQWW WPX CW Contest (all bands). Outside the contest focus on 6 metres FT8.

HH6/N3BNA & HH6/K3MSB – Haiti

Dale, N3BNA and Mark, K3MSB will be active from Haiti as HH6/N3BNA & HH6/K3MSB between May 4-11, 2019. QRV on HF bands. QSL via LoTW.

KL7RRC/P – Sledge Isl. NA-210

Mike AD5A, Yuri UA9OBA and Yuri N3QQ plan activity as KL7RRC/P from Sledge Island NA-210 around August 25 to September 3, 2019 (subject to obtaining permissions from US FWS and USCG). Antennas: TBD, goal is...

CY9C – St. Paul Island

APRIL 22, 2019 - A "JA Page" has been added to the  CY9C dxpedition website. Propagation is a challenge and openings are usually rather short.  Since St. Paul is needed by many JA's, the DXpedition...

Hi! On March 26 this year I mentioned that DX-World would be offline for a week during mid-April. That time is fast approaching - as is the J20DX DXpedition I'm part of. Social media sites...

J79BH – Dominica

Laurent, FM5BH will be active from Calibishie, Dominica as J79BH during April 13-16, 2019. QRV on 160-40m, CW. QSL via FM5BH, LoTW.

VE3LYC/KL7 – Little Diomede Island, NA-150

MARCH 30 - Long update from Cezar found here MARCH 21 by VE3LYC - The internet service was restored around 10 UTC. This morning I had a very interesting propagation on 30 m, with the path...

CZ1Z – Yukon Territory, Canada

The Yukon Canam Contest Club, VY1AAA, of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada has secured Canadian special prefixes CZ, CJ, CY and CK for use by all Canadian licensees from March 28th through May 28th, 2019....

PJ7/W2ZBT – St. Maarten

W2ZBT will be active from Philipsburg, St. Maarten during April 2-7, 2019. QRV mainly on SSB & FT8. QSL via H/c.

VP5M – Turks & Caicos

This operation will take place from May 21 to 28, 2019 and will be from the QTH of VP5/K4QPL a.k.a. VP5M.  Operation will be primarily during the CQ WPX CW contest using the call...