Thursday, April 25, 2019

PJ6/KB8RJ & PJ6/WD8KUR – Saba

UPCOMING - John, KB8RJ and Christina WD8KUR will be active from Saba as PJ6/KB8RJ and PJ6/WD8KUR between March 4-10, 2014. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c.

PJ5W, PJ5/K5WE & PJ5/N5WR – Sint Eustatius

UPDATE - K5WE and N5WR would like to thank everyone who worked us. We made nearly 19,000 QSOs during our trip. Logs for PJ5/K5WE, PJ5/N5WR, and PJ5W have been uploaded to LOTW. QSLs have...

HP2/IK5RUN & HP2/I5OYY – Panama

Guests of the Catamaran "Cush" sailing the Caribbean Sea, look for Simone IK5RUN and Danio I5OYY to be active from two Panamanian island groups between March 15 to April 2, 2014, They plan to be QRV...

J6/G0VJG – St Lucia

Nobby, G0VJG will be active from St Lucia between June 5-18, 2014. QRV on 40-6m. QSL via G4DFI.

CY0/VA1AXC – Sable Island

Aaron, VA1AXC is based on Sable island for the next few months. On February 9th, his QSL manager JE1LET, ran a short net operation to give Aaron (brand new operator) his first experience working other...

St Vincent & Grenadines DXpedition

REMINDER - A team consisting W3FF, W6HFP, WZ1P, WG0AT, KC4VG, KB9AVO, K8EAB and W7ZT will be active from Bequia NA-025 (one of the Grenadines) as J8/Homecalls between February 10-18, 2014. This team specializes in 100...

TO4YL – Martinique

REMINDER - Francoise, F4BMR will be active as TO4YL from Martinique between February 8-22, 2014. QRV on 160-10m. QSL via F5GN.

FP/W6HGF – St Pierre & Miquelon

Allan, W6HGF will again be active from St Pierre & Miquelon between February 7-18, 2014. Activity focused on digital, mostly RTTY, including entry into the CQ WW WPX RTTY contest and ARRL CW Contest. QSL and...

KP2/W1UJ, KP2/W1EQ & KP2/K1ZE – US Virgin Isl

Jay W1UJ, Bob W1EQ and Ed K1ZE will be active from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands between February 10-17, 2014. QRV as NP2N for ARRL DX CW contest (Feb 15-16) and KP2/homecalls all other times. QSL...

ZF2MT – Cayman Islands

Hugh, W4VAB will be active from the Cayman Islands as ZF2MT between March 15-22, 2014. QRV on HF bands, CW / PSK31. QSL via LoTW / eQSL.

FS/W7TAE – St Martin

Daryl, W7TAE is now active from St Martin as FS/W7TAE until January 18, 2014. QRP activity on 12-17-20m, SSB/CW. QSL via H/c.

FM/F5GN – Martinique

Yves, F5GN informs he is now active from Martinique as FM/F5GN throughout January and February. QRV on 80-10m. QSL via H/c. *Yves's wife, Francoise, F4BMR will also be active as TO4YL from Martinique between February 8-22, 2014.

Caribbean Tour

REMINDER - starts January 11. Full details / itinerary here

TO3JA – Martinique

UPDATE - JA3ARJ, JA3AVO, JA3UJR and JH3PBL will be active as TO3JA from Martinique between January 13-19, 2014. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB/Digi. QSL via JA3AVO.

HI7/ZP9MCE – Dominican Republic

Manu, ZP9MCE will be QRV holiday-style from Punta Cana Beach, Dominican Republic as HI7/ZP9MCE between April 7-14, 2014. QRP activity on 20, 30, 40m - CW only. QSL via EA5ZD.

Result – DX World DXpedition of the Year!

The "DX World - DXpedition of the Year" is now closed! Running for three weeks, thousands of votes were cast over 25 DXpeditions. Thanks to all who voted! At Friedrichshafen Ham Fair, Germany, specially engraved...

ZF2JS & ZF2KO – Cayman Islands

Jim, N4BFR and Newton, N4EWT will be active from Georgetown, Cayman Islands as ZF2JS and ZF2KO between January 18-23, 2014. QRV holiday-style, CW/SSB/PSK31/JT. QSL via home calls or LoTW.

AF1G/C6A – Bahamas

Tim, AF1G is now resident on Andros island, Bahamas as AF1G/C6A until November 2014. QRV on 80-6m, SSB. QSL via LoTW (or direct to Tim Hardy, PSC 1012 Box 593, FPO AA 34058-9998, USA).

Domican Republic DXpedition

Starting December 31st, and signing HI8/homecalls, look for RU4LG, RA4LB, UA4LGS and UA4LL to be active from the Dominic Republic. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB/Digi. Entry in the ARRL Roundup RTTY Contest. QSL via H/cs.

Thoughts on Navassa..

Message from Robert J Calver, VE3UUH I have received an e-mail from the Fisheries and Oceans USA concerning KP1 Navassa Island. This island is not open to the public - it has been closed to...