Sunday, December 15, 2019

3D2AG/P – Rotuma

NEWS UPDATE by Antoine 3D2AG for DX-World @ 0600z -- I am now on board the ship headed to Rotuma, which should sail around 0800 UTC. We should reach Rotuma in 48h, around...

YJ0NC – Vanuatu

Continuing their Pacific journey, look for Will AA4NC & Ron AA4VK to be active from Vanuatu as YJ0NC during March 3-6, 2020. QRV on HF bands. QSL via EA5GL.

VK9NR – Norfolk Island

Following on from TX4N activity, look for Will, AA4NC & Ron, AA4VK to be active holiday-style from Norfolk Island as VK9NR during February 20-25, 2020. QRV on HF bands. QSL via EA5GL.

3D2AA – Fiji

During the ARRL SSB DX Contest (March 708, 2020, look for Will AA4NC to be active from Fiji as 3D2AA. SOLP entry. QSL via EA5GL.

TX4N – French Polynesia

Bill, AA4NC & Ron, AA4VK will be active from French Polynesia as TX4N during February 11-17, 2020. Participation by AA4NC in the ARRL DX CW Contest (Feb 15-16) as SOLP. QSL via EA5GL.

T88FT, & T88IH – Palau

JI6IHG & JA7WFT will be active from Koror, Palau as T88IH & T88FT during June 5-12, 2020. QRV on CW/SSB/Digi. QSL via H/c, LoTW.

QSL preview – ZK3A

The ZK3A DXpedition to Tokelau took place during September-October this year. QSL cards are now being sent out by manager LZ1JZ.

W8S – Swains Island

NEWS UPDATE - More preparation work on going for Swains 2020 DXpedition. OCTOBER 7, 2019 - Team now added to W8S website. SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 - From 10-25 March 2020 an international team of 10 operators...

QSL preview – YJ0RRC & YJ0FWA

IOTA DXpedition to OC-035, OC-104 & OC-111 took place November 4-20, 2019. Info here Thanks to Yan, RZ3FW for the QSL preview.

FK/DB1RUL – New Caledonia

Look for Rudi, DB1RUL to be active from New Caledonai as FK/DB1RUL during December 6 - 27, 2019. He plans to operate from following locations: Grand Terre Island 6 - 9...

V6K – Kosrae Island, OC-059

NEWS UPDATE - Haru reports good band conditions on 40 & 160m from V6. Picture courtesy V6K. QRV until December 9. JUNE...

VK2IAY/4 – Heron Island OC-142

MAY 11, 2019 -- Steve VK2IAY/4 will be active from Heron Island OC-142 during December 2-9, 2019. QRV mainly on 20m SSB (14:260 +/- QRM). QSL via G0UIH.

XT2AW – Burkina Faso

MAY 12, 2019 -- Harald, DF2WO will again be active from Burkina Faso as XT2AW during December 2-20, 2019. QRV on HF, Digi/CW/SSB.

[QRT] VK9CZ – Cocos Keeling Island

 Regular updates here The photo above shows 4 of the 9 antennas at VK9CZ 2019. Left to right - 15m Moxon, 30m vertical, 160m vertical and (at a...

[QRT] FW/M0JHQ – Wallis & Futuna

Nobuaki, JA0JHQ will be active from Wallis Island as FW/M0JHQ during November 23-27, 2019. QRV on 160-10m, CW & FT8. (He may apply for a unique FW upon arrival). QSL via LoTW / Direct...

VK9NK – Norfolk Island

Janusz, SP9FIH will be active from Norfolk Island as VK9NK starting mid-January 2020 and lasting some weeks. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY/FT8. QSL via H/c. Website

CQWW CW 2019

Good luck to all participants. A consolidated listing of stations taking part in the contest this weekend can be found here

[UPCOMING] VK9LQ – Lord Howe Island

Michael, DF8AN will be active from Lord Howe Island as VK9LQ during November 21-27, 2019. He will try to be active all bands (6m-160m) if antenna situation is good for top band. QRV on...

[QRT] TX7T – Marquesas Islands

NEWS UPDATE - Click on team picture for regular news updates. The Can-Am DXpedition team will arrive in French Polynesia on November 3rd. While in Tahiti (FO), there will be some activity – including low...

AH2R – Guam

NH2C & JR7OMD will be active from Guam as AH2R during the CQWW CW contest. QSL via LoTW.