Wednesday, February 20, 2019

[QRT] KC0W in the Pacific

"Everything I own was stolen on 28 September from here in Kiribati. They took all the radios, computers, amplifiers, antennas, coax, EVERYTHING. They even took my clothing & shoes. I have literally NOTHING left................I...

A35AG – Tonga

NEWS UPDATE - We have confirmed dates and team members now - currently the team will be myself, Oly VK5XDX and Andrew VK5AKH. We arrive in Tonga on Monday 23rd Sept 2019 and should...

T2TT – Tuvalu & 3D2RJ – Fiji

REMINDER: We will have team members travelling in from the Aleutian chain in Alaska, Canada, Northern Washington State and the Central Coast of California. During the afternoon hours of November 23rd, we will all...

T32TM – East Kiribati

A reminder that Tim, NL8F will be QRV from Christmas Island as T32TM between March 25 to April 2, 2014. QRV on HF bands, SSB with activity planned for CQ WPX contest. QSL via K8NA

E6XG – Niue

REMINDER - Haru, JA1XGI will be active from Niue as E6XG between December 1-6, 2014. Focus on EU, low bands. QSL via H/c. Website listen to ‘E6XG 10CW 2014-12-01 2103Z’ on audioBoom(function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type...

V63YAP – Yap Island, F.S.M

Toru, JH0CJH will be active from Yap Island as V63YAP during November 27 to December 1, 2018. QRV on HF. QSL via home call, LoTW.

T8AM- Palau

Look for Hirayuki JA9FIO to be active from Palau's VIP Guest Hotel as T8AM between January 23-25, 2016. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c (direct). FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

5W0RR – Samoa

Roly, ZL1BQD (also E51RJR) will again be active from Apia, Samoa between July 26 to August 15, 2017. QRV mostly using JT65, possibly FT8 mode. QSL via H/c.

DZ1A/DU2 – Batanes Islands

Audie, DU1ZDR and Gazelle, DU1ZDQ will be active from Basco Batanes, Batanes Islands OC-093 as DZ1A/DU2 during November 19-20 at Fundacion Pacita, IDAWUD Suite. QRV specifically on IOTA main frequencies 14.260 and 7.055MHz. QSL...

YB3MM/7 – Derawan Island OC-166

Adhi, YB3MM plans to be active from Derawan Island OC-166 as YB3MM/7 between July 26-28. Participation in RSGB IOTA contest. QSL via IZ8CCW. Logbook.

V73RG – Majuro, Marshall Islands

UPDATE - Bob (ex-V73RG, T2RG) is now in Tarawa, Kiribati and hopes to pick up the callsign T30RG soon. Follow Bob on Instagram June 17, 2015 - Bob, VK2RG (ex-T2RG) informs DX-World that he's about to...

YB3MM/7 – North Borneo IOTA tour

Adhi, YB3MM has announced he will be active from the following islands within North Bornoe province: Sebatik Island OC-295 on 21-24 January 2017. Nunukan Island OC-166 on 25-26 January 2017. Tarakan Island OC-166 on...

VK9N/G7VJR – Norfolk Island

REMINDER - Michael G7VJR will be active as VK9/G7VJR (holiday-style) from Norfolk Island between December 26, 2014 to January 1, 2015. QRV on CW on higher bands. No low band activity planned. QSL via M0OXO. FIRST FOR...

4W/YB3MM and 4W/YB3LZ – Timor Leste

Adhi, YB3MM and Hen, YB3LZ will be active (holiday style) from Dili, Timor Leste during April 3-5, 2017. QRV mainly on JT65, and some other modes. QSL via YB3MM, IZ8CCW or OQRS Club Log....

YE4/DL3KZA – Belitung Island, OC-144

Burkhard, DL3KZA and Irfan, YE4IJ plan to be active from Belitung Island, OC-144 between October 31 to November 11, 2018. QRV on 20m or 17m SSB, dependent on conditions, holiday-style.

YB8RW/P & YB8OUN/P – Banggai Isl, OC-208

YB8RW and YB8OUN will be activr from Banggai Island OC-208 between November 18-22, 2014. QRV on HF bands. QSL via YB8RW. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

E51RAT – S.Cooks

Steve, KL7SB will again be active as E51RAT from Rarotonga between October 8-18, 2017. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY. QSL via NI5DX, LoTW. listen to ‘2015/July/12 0700z E51RAT 14.039MHz CW’ on audioBoom(function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type...

VK9DAC – Christmas Island

UPCOMING - Fred VK3DAC has been active as VK9DAC from Christmas Island and remains there until June 4. Following a visit to the WIA Annual General Meeting (June 24) in Perth, Australia, Fred will then...

T88ON – Palau

JA3JND will be active from Palau as T88ON between November 7-11, 2014. QRV on 40-10m, SSB, CW and Digimodes. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET