Saturday, August 18, 2018

WJ2O – South Pacific Tour

JULY 11 - Dave now has his Fijian license and will operate as 3D2FD for the next few days.   JUNE 15 - Dave has been active from Samoa signing 5W0DF JUNE 11 - A scheduling change means...

4W6VA – Timor Leste

Gordon, K7TRB has recently arrived in Dili, East Timor staying until mid-September. He's currently just starting out on 17m (FT8 mode) as 4W6VA and expects to be active on other HF bands using a...

KH9/N7NVK – Wake Island

NEWS UPDATE - KH9/N7NVK will return to Wake Island this weekend.  During this stay, Philip hopes to come up with a better antenna and possible use of an amplifier if he can arrange it. ...

VK3DRH/4 – Lizard Island, OC-187

David, VK3DRH will be active from Lizard Island OC-187 during 5-11 July 2018. Operation will be in local evenings (from 1100 UTC). QRP QRV on 40, 20 & 15m SSB. QSL either direct, LoTW...

VK9BF, VK9EV, VK9PM & VK9QR – Norfolk Island

Joe N7BF, Everett W6ABM, Russell N7QR and Pete ZL2HM will be active as VK9BF, VK9EV, VK9QR and VK9PM from Norfolk Island during October 10-19, 2018. QRV on HF. QSL via Homecalls.

Poll – Your Needed / Most Wanted DXCC

VOTING CLOSED Using the excellent Club Log* as a guide, but -- removing modes / bands option -- which DXCC entity / entities do you still need? 1) This poll is mostly for fun and readership...

VK9JD – Christmas Island

Douglas Haig, VK9JD has recently arrived on Christmas Island. Currently, he has no equipment but Cliff, VK9VKL left behind some masts and aerials which he intends to use upon finding a better location. Initial plans...

T88HR, T88TJ & T88YL – Palau

Yutaka JH1MLO, Chusuke JR1FKR and Tatsuko JJ1BDT will be active holiday-style from the Palau rental shack as T88HR, T88TJ and T88YL between June 22-28, 2018. QRV on 80-15m, SSB/RTTY. QSL via H/c.

H44MS – Malaita Island, OC-047

Look for Bernhard, DL2GAC to again be active from Malaita, OC-047 Solomon Islands as H44MS. QRV when time permits until July 12, 2018. 160-6m SSB. QSL via H/c.

E51HMK – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Hans-Martin DK2HM plans activity from Rarotonga, OC-013 as E51HMK during March 14-22, 2019. QRV on HF bands, mostly SSB. QSL via DK2HM bureau, direct, LoTW, Club Log, eQSL.

[REMINDER] H44XG – Solomon Islands

Haru, JA1XGI announces he will be active from Honiara, Solomon Islands during June 21-27, 2018. QRV as H44XG on 40-30-20-15-10m; mainly CW, sometimes FT8 (DXpedition Mode). QSL via H/c. Webpage

P29RR – Papua New Guinea

Roly, ZL1BQD (ex-4W6RR, 5W0RR & E51RR) will again be active from Wewak, Papua New Guinea as P29RR between July 1-25, 2018. QRV on HF band, focus on FT8. QSL via H/c.

[UPDATE] VK5CE/6 – IOTA tour

Latest News Updates here

WH2JA – Guam

Masa, JR3RIU informs he will be active from Guam as WH2JA during the All Asian DX CW contest (June 16-17, 2018). QRV on 80-10m. QSL via LoTW.

FO/HB9XBG – Bora Bora, OC-067

NEWS UPDATE - Walter, FO/HB9XBG informed Harald, OE1HHB via email that his transceiver was dead on arrival in Bora Bora. Walter, HB9XBG will be active from Bora Bora, Leeward Islands OC-067 as FO/HB9XBG between...

N1DG on upcoming KH1/KH7Z DXpedition

Val, NV9L interviews Don Greenbaum N1DG about the upcoming Baker Island 2018 DXpedition.

E6Y – Niue

ZL3AB, ZL3GA, ZL3PAH and ZL4TT will be active from Niue as E6Y during October 6-16, 2018. QRV on HF; participation in Oceania contest (CW & SSB). QSL via ZL3PAH. More info here *earlier breaking news...

E51FIFA – South Cooks

To coincide with the Football World Cup 2018, Bob E51BQ, will be active from Rarotonga, South Cooks as E51FIFA. A full list of participating callsigns during the tournament can be found here

Football World Cup 2018

Dear friends, Unfortunately, my mailbox is now blocked. I send info from alternative address The days of our activity have already begun on June 1. Unfortunately, so far few special stations are active....

E6ET – Niue

Alex, 5B4ALX will be active from Niue as E6ET between March 19 to April 2, 2019. QRV on 80-15m, SSB/CW/RTTY. Some FT8. Participation in CQ WPX SSB. QSL via H/c. Website