Sunday, February 24, 2019

PJ2/PB0AEX – Curacao

Ron, PB0AEX will be active from Curacao as PJ2/PB0AEX between May 16 to June 6, 2016. QRV on 20-15-10m, SSB. QSL via eQSL and LoTW. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

PX8K – Caviana de Fora Island, SA-042

Members of the "Para DX Group" will be active as PX8K from Caviana de Fora Island SA-042 between July 22-29, 2015. QRV on HF bands; also participation in IOTA contest. QSL via PY8WW, OQRS. FIRST FOR IOTA...

PW2G – Gatos island, SA-071

The PW2G team inform that after the cancellation (due to storms) of their intended activity from Gatos Island SA-071 during last weekend's IOTA contest, they are now in a position to be active this weekend....

VP8KVA – Falkland Islands

VP8SGI/VP8STI team member, Axel DL6KVA, has acquired the callsign VP8KVA and may also be active using this callsign, along with other team members who are signing VP8IDX. QRV on 15-40m CW. QSL via DL6KVA. FIRST FOR DX...

CE0/X – San Felix 2017

A DXpedition to San Felix Island is now scheduled for April 2017. What began as a 3 man effort for earlier this summer has now apparently become a 10 man team, and all operators are...

FY/DL5FAB – French Guiana

NEWS UPDATE -- Manfred, FY/DL5FAB will be activating Ile Royale on the Iles des Salutes, French Guiana group, SA-020 from Saturday 15 September until Sunday 16 September. He will be using 100W into a...

PY0F – Fernando de Noronha

PU0FDN, PY7RP & PY2ZEA will be active from Fernando de Noronha during February 13-18, 2019. QRV as PY0F for the ARRL International DX Contest, CW (Feb 16-17). Outside contest as PY0F/homecalls mainly on low...

ZP9/UA4WHX – Paraguay

Following his short activity from Easter Island, Vlad UA4WHX is now QRV as ZP9/UA4WHX. Operating from the QTH of Manu ZP9MCE, look for him on CW, RTTY and SSB. He plans to be in Brazil after...

ZW2MT – Montão de Trigo, SA-071

A team consisting PY2RMZ, PY2AE, PY2LCD & PY2DX plan activity from Ilha Montão de Trigo, SA-071 as ZW2MT in March 2018 (dates to be announced). QRV on 80-10, CW/SSB/FT8/PSK/RTTY.

DX-World is 10 years old !

10 years ago this week, DX-World was born. Initially created under two different names (who remembers or , the website has come a long way since then, but still keeps it's...

HD2RRC – Puna Island, SA-034

Message from Vasily, R7AA Vasily, R7AA and Alexey, HC2AO (maybe in company with Fausto, HC5VF, Placido, CO7YM, and Gunther, HC2G) are going to be active from Puna Island SA-034 in the Gulf of Guyaquil some...

5K1B – Mucura Island, SA-078

After the great success of our last operations from Corn Island (NA-013) in Nicaragua as H74B & H74W, and Bijagos Islands (AF-020) in Guinea-Bissau as J5B & J5W we are pleased to finally announce...

PJ4DX – Bonaire

Steve, ex-9M6DXX informs: After moving to Bonaire just over 3 weeks ago, I finally received my licence today. My new call is PJ4DX. I'm QRV using an FT-950 and a low Spiderbeam, plus a 40m quarter-wave...

P4/DL7AT – Aruba

Andreas, DL7AT will be active from Aruba as P4/DL7AT between July 22 to August 6, 2017. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c, LoTW.

PY0F/AA4NC – Fernando de Noronha

Will, AA4NC will be active from Fernando de Noronha as PY0F/AA4NC between October 17-27, 2015. QRV holiday style on 160-10m, CW/SSB. Participation in CQ WW SSB contest. QSL via LoTW. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

HC8GET – Galapagos Islands

Gerhard, OE3GEA will be active from the Galapagos Islands (Isabela and San Cristobal) as HC8GET during January 13-25, 2019. QRV on 30-10m. QSL via H/c.

PJ4/NN5E & PJ4/NT5V – Bonaire

Vernon, NN5E and James, NT5V will be active from Bonaire as PJ4/NN5E & PJ4/NT5V between October 15-22, 2017. QRV on HF; CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8. QSL via H/cs.

VP8RHF – Falkland Islands

VP8SGI/VP8STI team member, Jan JH4RHF, has acquired the callsign VP8RHF and may also be active using this callsign, along with other team members who are signing VP8IDX. QRV on 15-40m CW. QSL via OE1ZKC. FIRST FOR DX...

ZW2R – Comprida Island, SA-024

ZW2R - Operating IOTA SA-024 - Comprida Is. February 17 to 19, 2017. QSL via PY2LCD - Bureau or Direct with SAE + US$ 2.00. LoTW ok.  

PZ5VC – Suriname

Willy, ON4AVT will be active from Suriname as PZ5VC between March 1-28, 2014. QRV mostly on PSK . QSL via H/c.