Friday, December 14, 2018

FG/F5UII – Guadeloupe

Christian, F5UII will be active from Guadeloupe throughout February as FG/F5UII. QRV on SSB/RTTY. QSL via H/c.

VK9/M – Mellish Reef DXpedition

Rob, N7QT recently got in touch -- Hawk (SM5AQD) and I are working to activate Mellish Reef this coming November. Currently working to obtain landing rights from the appropriate government agencies. We have also applied...

RZ0ZWA/P – Ptichy Island, AS-091

UPDATE - For reasons outwith the control of the team, activity from Ptichy island, AS-091 has been cancelled. July 14 - Dates have been put back a little and now expected to leave port on...

YB6N – Nias Island, OC-161

Members of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization of North Sumatra will be active from Nias Island OC-161 between March 8-13, 2013 as YB6N. QRV on HF bands. QSL via YB4IR.

PQ0T – Trindade Island

At 15:25z PQ0T started activity on 10 SSB. Here's a recording of the first QSOs being made (with obligatory tuner). PQ0T 10SSB The PQ0T team received authorization from the Brazilian Navy that a team of five operators...

VP2MAC, VP2MLJ & VP2MXT – Monsterrat

AC8W (VP2MAC), N8LJ (VP2MLJ) & KB8TXZ (VP2MXT) all active from Gingerbread Hill, Montserrat between October 1-8, 2015. QSL all via K8ESQ. QRV on HF bands.

Easter Island DXpedition 2014

A team from ADXG Spain have plans to be active from Easter Island in March 2014. Full details including website and operators announced soon.

QSL card preview – FT4TA

Received today - thanks FT4TA team!

6V7T – Senegal

UPDATE - Planned side trip to AF-045 has been cancelled. 6V7T will remain on mainland for the duration of his expedition. Luc, F5RAV will again be active as 6V7T from La Calao, Senegal between October 9...

CF2I – Ile Verte, NA-128

Members of the NA-128 Contest Group will activate the special callsign CF2I from Ile Verte NA-128 between July 24-28, 2013 including the IOTA Contest. QSL via VE2CQ.

“Germany Four…”

During the last few days I have been to the Orkney Islands (EU-009) visiting friends and operating /P. Pileups were good and it was clear to hear that Orkney offers a guaranteed stream of...

CE0Y/DK5VP & CE0Y/DL8LR – Easter Island

Now QRV - listen to ‘CE0Y/DL8LR 40SSB 2014-10-12 0532Z’ on audioBoom(function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type = "text/javascript"; po.async = true; po.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script"); s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); Joachim, DK5VP and Frank,...

OJ0S – Market Reef

REMINDER - OH0FM, OH0GG, OH0KXJ and OH0LO will be active from Market Reef as OJ0S between July 11-18, 2015. QRV on 80-10m, CW/SSB. QSL via OH0AA. FIRST FOR DX NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET

H40DA – Temotu Province

Darren, VK4FEDX is curently active from Nendo island OC-100, Temotu Province as H40DA. QRV on 40-10m, SSB. QSL via H/c.

XR0ZR – Juan Fernandez

Now QRV -- listen to ‘XR0ZR (Juan Fernandez) 30CW’ on Audioboo(function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type = "text/javascript"; po.async = true; po.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script"); s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); Website Twitter

Breueh Island, OC-245

UPDATE: Pictures from the team. YB6AR, YB3MM, YF1AR, YB6AF, YB6AO and YC6EI will be active from Breueh Island OC-245 between March 9-17, 2013. Activity on HF bands. QSL via IZ8CCW. Facebook page

VK0DMV (VI0ANZAC) – Casey Station, Antarctica

UPDATE We have just received news from Doug VK0DMV that the weather in Antarctic is looking good after two days of blizzard conditions and as a result he is planning to operational tomorrow the...

QSL card preview – YB0D

With thanks to Budi, YF1AR