Thursday, June 20, 2019

7S6WX – Weather Islands, EU-043

SM6XMY, SM6UQL and SM6U will be active as 7S6WX from Vaderoarna (Weather Islands), IOTA EU-043 during 30 May - 2 June (boat trip weather dependent). Operation will be vacation style on 80-10m SSB with...

Saint Martin 2019

We are returning to the beautiful island of Saint Martin in December 2019. Our primary focus will be on the low bands - 40, 80, 160, primarily using CW and FT8 to maximize the...

Activation of Tillamook Rock NA-211

Yuri, N3QQ informs that permission has been obtained to operate from Tillamook Rock NA-211 from its owner. Subject to all NOAA/USFWS restrictions and limitations, a preliminary team of Mike AD5A, Rob N7QT, Alexej NW7M,...

K4BRI/P – Bald Head Island, NA-112

Brian, K4BRI informs that he will be activating NA-112 Bald Head island (North Carolina) on July 30th and 31st. It will be a completely portable operation. Mainly QRV on 20m SSB and CW but...

FG/F6BCW – Iles des Saintes, NA-114

Look for Didier, F6BCW to be active from Iles des Saintes NA-114 as FG/F6BCW during May 22-26, 2019. QRV on 20m CW.

DZ1A – Kalanggaman Island, OC-129

Audie, DU1ZDR and Gazelle DU1ZDQ will be active from Kalanggaman Island, IOTA OC-129 as DZ1A on Monday June 3, 2019. QRV specifically on IOTA main frequencies 14.260 and 7.055Mhz SSB, CW. QRP only.

P40X – Aruba

Upcoming DXPedition to Aruba (SA-036) by Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) members Ben (DL6RAI), Martin (DL5RMH) and Philipp (DK6SP). We will be QRV between May 18 – 29, 2019 including a participation in the upcoming CQ...

JW/LB2PG – Bear Island, EU-027

Look for Erling, LB2PG to be active from Bear Island, EU-027 as JW/LB2PG starting mid-June 2019 and continuing until November. QRV on 80-20m; SSB.

PJ2/VA3ZC – Curacao

Paul VA3ZC will be active from Curacao during June 9-16, 2019. QRV holiday-style as PJ2/VA3ZC using FT8 and slow speed CW on 20m, 30m and 40m. See for more info. QSL LoTW, home...

PJ4/DL1COP & PJ4/DC7MO – Bonaire

Holger, DL1COP and Monika, DC7MO are again active from Bonaire until May 30, 2019. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/cs.

R3RRC/6 – Lebyazh’i Islands, EU-180

During the period 17 to 20 May, 2019 a team consisting Anatoly R6AW, Oleg R7LP, Gennady R3BY, Maxim RU5D and Yuri RX6CM, with the support of the Russian Robinson Club, plan activity as R3RRC/6 (and...

MJ/OQ7A/P – Les Minquiers, EU-099

ON8AZ, ON4KZ, ON5HC, ON5DZ & ON7PQ will be active from Les Minquiers, EU-099 as MJ/OQ7A/P during May 25-31, 2019. QRV on 80-10m. Full info here.

8Q7GB – Maldives

Gil, IZ2DLV informs DX-World that he will be active from Nika island, Maldives as 8Q7GB during August 6-18, 2019. QRV (holiday-style) on 80-15m, CW/SSB/FT8. QSL via LoTW.

AN1WHS – Salvora Island, EU-077

A team consisting EA1AJV (Kike), EA1AOQ (Chus), EA1BNF (Manolo), EA1FBU (Fredo), EA1UY (Pepe), EA1IQM (Berto), EB1ADD (Miguel) & EC1DD (Nardo) will be operating from Salvora Island (EU-077) during 24 to 26 May, 2019. They...

3D2AZ – Fiji

Oleh, KD7WPJ (ex-E51BCP) is currently actve from Viti Levu, Fiji until May 16, 2019. QRV on 40-12m, SSB and CW; 100w with dipoles and verticals.

S79HA – Seychelles

Laci HA7JTR will be active from the Seychelles as S79HA during May 22-29, 2019. QTH: Praslin Island-Anse Kerlan. HF bands 160-6m, Kenwood TS-480HX/200W, wire antennas, CW (some SSB) QSL: eQSL, LoTW, QSL also OK via BURO or...

T88PB – Palau

Nobuaki, JA0JHQ will again be active from Koror, Palau as T88PB during June 15-23, 2019. QRV on HF bands. QSL via JH0JHQ.

D44TWO – Cape Verde

Harald DF2WO will again be active holiday-style from Praia Baixa, Cape Verde as D44TWO during September 29 to October 13, 2019. QRV on 160-6m; CW, SSB, FT8, JT65. QSL via M0OXO.

VK2IAY/4 – Heron Island OC-142

Steve VK2IAY/4 will be active from Heron Island OC-142 during December 2-9, 2019. QRV mainly on 20m SSB (14:260 +/- QRM). QSL via G0UIH.

R63RRC & RQ73QQ – AS-063 & AS-152

NEWS UPDATE - Website now available. UA6EX Eugene, UA7A Leonid and R7AA Vasily (under the banner of Russian Robinson Club) announce an IOTA DXpedition to Popigay-Ary Island AS-063 during mid-July 2019. This IOTA group is...