Tuesday, February 25, 2020


A New Year has dawned. As always, similar to just about every website the world over, maintenance and hosting costs occur. It seems every year these costs grow as traffic volumes grow;...

QSL preview & story – VK9CZ

VK9CZ DXpedition to Cocos-Keeling by GM3WOJ & GM4YXI took place during November 12-29, 2019. Their story can be found here.

QSL preview – 7X7X

7X7X DXpedition to Algeria took place during end December / beginning January. This is the QSL card for that activity.

QSL preview – VK9NC/VK9NE/VK9NG

Tom, SP5UAF informs the QSL cards for VK9NC-VK9NE-VK9NG are now ready and on the way to the printer.

QSL preview – H40TT

QSL manager M0URX says: "The H40TT operation by Grant KZ1W & Rob N7QT from Pigeon Island, (part of the Reef Islands Group in Temotu Province) has been designed by Max ON5UR. The QSL has...

QSL preview – TX7T

TX7T Dxpedition to Marquesas took place in November 2019. QSL manager M0URX mentions "the QSL has now been designed by Max ON5UR. Four Sided Double QSL cards for the first 2,000 Direct requests and...

VP8HAL – Halley VI Base, Antarctica

NEWS UPDATE - Many thanks to QSL manager EB7DX for QSL preview of VP8HAL operated by Seba, SQ1SGB. (info below) OCTOBER 24, 2019 -- Instead of using CE9/SQ1SGB, Seba will use VP8HAL from Halley VI...

QSL preview – VP6R

With thanks to the VP6R Pitcairn Island team for the QSL preview.

QSL preview – 3DA0AO

By Pista, HA5AO / 3DA0AO The QSL cards for the OQRS direct and mail direct request will be posted soon. Do not send your QSL card via bureau. I do not need your QSL and...

QSL preview – PJ5/SP6EQZ

The PJ5/SP6EQZ & PJ5/SP6IXF DXpedition to Sint Eustatius took place last month. Wlodek SP6EQZ informs DX-World that he made over 15,300 QSOs with 139 DXCC entities, and the QSL card will be...

YS/HK4GOO – El Salvador

NEWS UPDATE - QSL preview courtesy EA5GL. NOVEMBER 8, 2019 - Back in May 2019, DX-World published a message from Tom, KC0W informing that he had to cancel his expedition to El Salvador but was...

QSL preview – ZK3A

The ZK3A DXpedition to Tokelau took place during September-October this year. QSL cards are now being sent out by manager LZ1JZ.

QSL preview – YJ0RRC & YJ0FWA

IOTA DXpedition to OC-035, OC-104 & OC-111 took place November 4-20, 2019. Info here Thanks to Yan, RZ3FW for the QSL preview.

QSL preview – T30GC

Stan, LZ1GC and Karel, OK2WM were active from Tarawa, W. Kiribati as T30GC during October 7-23, 2019.

QSL preview – T30L & C21WW

Many thanks to Juris, YL2GM for the QSL preview of both C21WW and T30L

QSL preview – 8Q7GB

Thanks to Gil, IZ2DLV for sending the preview. He was active from Nika Island, Maldives as 8Q7GB in August 2019.

QSL preview – A35JT

Thanks to Grant, VK5GR for the preview. A35JT took place during September 23rd – October 7th 2019. More here

QSL preview – 7Q7JN & S79VU

Thanks to QSL manager, Pedro EA5GL, for the previews. 7Q7JN S79VU

QSL preview – R63RRC, AS-063

Thanks to Vasily, R7AA for the R63RRC QSL preview. He mentions that the sending of all directs will begin at the end of September.

QSL preview – SF2CW

SF2CW took place during July 1 - 3 2019. An IOTA DXpedition to Kataja/Inakari EU-192.