Friday, January 19, 2018

QSL preview – H74B & H74W

We're pleased to show you our QSL card preview which has already been sent to the printer and hope to start confirming all direct QSL cards very soon. We are glad to having been...

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QSL card previews – 8Q7BM and V73MW

With thanks to M0URX who mentions both cards will be sent at end of March.

QSL card preview – PJ4DX

PJ4DX info here

QSL card preview – 3B9/F4HAU & FR/F4HAU

Many thanks to Diego F4HAU for exclusive preview!

QSL card preview – CP9/DF7NX

With thanks to Peter, DF7NX

FT4TA QSL status

As announced all QSL cards will be posted from Tromelin. You will all receive a beautiful envelope with our special stamps and all different stamp form Tromelin. This will be a collector. Today all cards...

QSL card preview – XW8XZ

With thanks to QSL manager M0URX. Cards will be sent at the end of April.

QSL card preview – 6V7O

Thanks to Freddy, F5IRO, who also has written article about 6V7O trip.

QSL card preview – CW5F

DX World was happy to financially support this IOTA DXpedition.

E30FB QSLs on their way..

E30FB QSL manager Tim, M0URX informs that 4391 letters are ready to be posted on Monday, June 8th.