Thursday, June 21, 2018

QSL preview – D67GIA

  Note: D67GIA takes place mid-September


Dominik SQ9KWW informs the online log will be ready in 10 days. Any questions or QSL requests go via or email.

QSL card preview – VK9DLX

Chris DL1MGB from team VK9DLX says: The QSL design was finished and cards ordered today. I am not sure if they will arrive before Christmas, but for sure we should be able to send them...

QSL status – 5W0UU & A35UU

Hans, DF2UUĀ informs DX-World that QSL cards have now been printed and he will send out soon.

QSL card preview – YF1AR/8

Thanks to Budi, YF1AR

Upcoming F4BKV IOTA activity / HP-IOTA QSL status

Following info, posted on the IOTA chasers forum by Vincent F4BKV, currently in Hong Kong, VR2. "I will shortly be active for the last time in 2013 from three Asia and Oceania IOTA's. (AS-019 from...

As 2015 comes to a close..

Ninety-fourĀ pages (or 940 posts) of a DX-filled 2015 start here Work your way forward to page 1 to most recent news entries whilst remembering what the last 12 months DX brought you! Keep it DX-World for...

QSL card preview – VK5CE/P, OC-220

With thanks to Craig VK5CE who informs: Very tough weather conditions, temperature in the tent got to 42C yesterday with hotter day forecast today. 20m short path to Europe was amazing and also quite good...

QSL card preview – T88TV – HC8/G8OFQ – 4O/HG3IPA

With thanks to QSL manager, Gab HA3JB.

QSL preview – TU7C

TU7C QSL cards now at printer. Mailing starts in a few weeks

QSL card preview – CP8MW

(Tnx DF7NX)

QSL preview – 3C0L & 3C1L

Yuris, YL2GM informs: Our QSL cards are in the printing process. Soon QSLs for direct OQRS and sponsor QSOs will be mailed. On 10th of December also priority LoTW upload will be done for supporters...