Wednesday, March 21, 2018

QSL card preview – JY9FC

Thanks to Boris E73Y for the preview. All direct QSL requests have been shipped on October 5th.

Upcoming F4BKV IOTA activity / HP-IOTA QSL status

Following info, posted on the IOTA chasers forum by Vincent F4BKV, currently in Hong Kong, VR2. "I will shortly be active for the last time in 2013 from three Asia and Oceania IOTA's. (AS-019 from...

QSL card preview – VP8SGI

Co-leader, N6PSE, informs the VP8SGI cards are now being printed. Earlier in the week we previewed the VP8STI QSL card.

QSL card preview – VQ9XR

With thanks to Bob, N7XR / VQ9XR. Bob also states that he will be on 80m at his sunrise tomorrow (December 11) and then he'll be taking the 80m antenna down and installing the 160m.  He will be operating...

QSL preview – V63AH

With thanks to Ulli, DL2AH.

QSL card previews – TX5Z & VK9AN

Both activities by N7QT

QSL card preview – 3D2KV, T30KV & T33KV

With thanks to Axel DL6KVA who also mentions cards will be sent out as soon as he receives them from the printer.

Christmas at DXWorldShop!

Christmas is fast approaching. Visit DXWorldShop today and purchase a unique & personal item for yourself, a loved one or friend! NOTE - It's advisable to order now so your package arrives in time for...

QSL preview – VK2IAY/9


QSL card preview – HC3/DL5YWM & HC2IWM/8

Many thanks to Daniel, DL5YWM

QSL preview – T2AQ & T2QR

Preview of the final version of T2AQ / T2QR QSL cards ready to sent the printers.

QSL card preview – VK9X/K7CO

Exclusively for DX, with thanks to Jon, K7CO.

QSL card preview – VK9DLX

Chris DL1MGB from team VK9DLX says: The QSL design was finished and cards ordered today. I am not sure if they will arrive before Christmas, but for sure we should be able to send them...

FT5ZM QSL status

FT5ZM QSL manager, N2OO informs: Cards just arriving from the printer. The SJDXA QSL team has been hard at work preparing the labels. All of our attention is focused on FT5ZM QSLs right now. I ask...

QSL card preview – E41MT / E41WT