Monday, September 24, 2018

QSL card preview – YF1AR/8, OC-273 NEW

DX World was happy to financially support this IOTA activity

QSL card preview – 3B9/F4HAU & FR/F4HAU

Many thanks to Diego F4HAU for exclusive preview!

QSL card preview – XR0YY

The XR0YY QSL card will be a 12-page booklet. Here's a small sample (courtesy EC7ZK)

QSL card previews – 8Q7BM and V73MW

With thanks to M0URX who mentions both cards will be sent at end of March.

QSL preview – 5U5R

5U5R QSLs are now ready print. This is the front part.

QSL card preview – F8CRS/6W

With thanks to David, F8CRS

QSL preview – 3C0W / 3C3W

3C0W and 3C0W activity took place during March 2018. QSLs now ready for dispatch.

QSL card previews – YF1AR IOTAs

Thanks to Budi, YF1AR  

QSL card preview – RU0LAX/P

New QSL design for RU0LAX, with thanks to manager NR6M.

QSL card preview – PJ4M

With thanks to Frank, PJ4M / PH2M for QSL preview. Cards will be printed and shipped in early November.

QSL card preview – 3D2RA

Andy, LZ2HM informs that today he received all 3D2RA QSL cards from the printer and will start to mail soon. Thanks to Andy, here is a selection of the QSLs.

QSL preview – H40GC

Stan LZ1GC was again active as H40GC this year. Here's the 2017 QSL card design