NEWS UPDATE — Just 29 days until CY9C lands on St. Paul Island.  Hopefully, we are ready to challenge the propagation.  Thanks to all who have supported us financially and will be attempting to work us.  If you would like to donate for the upfront expenses, that would be very helpful and appreciated.  For those who donate, we will AUTOMATICALLY send a QSL card (after confirming you are in the log). No further action on your part…the QSL will be on the way shortly after the Dxpedtion.  Also, we will be prompt as to uploading to LoTW.

We will activate all modes including 6m EME, SAT, and FT8.

FT8 Frequencies
160 – 1836 Normal FT8
80 – 3567 Fox/Hound
60 – 5357 Normal FT8
40 – 7056 Fox/Hound
30 – 10131 Fox/Hound
20 – 14090 Fox/Hound
17 – 18095 Fox/Hound
15 – 21091 Fox/Hound
12 – 24911 Fox/Hound
10 – 29081 Fox/Hound
6 – 50316 Fox/Hound

FEBRUARY 16, 2019 – The dates for the CY9C DXpedition are August 1-11, 2019. More here

AUGUST 19, 2018 — The same team that operated as CY9C from St Paul Island in 2016 will return as CY9C in August 2019. Transportation arrangements have already been made with Paul Fitzgerald providing the boat transportation and Pat Dolan N2IEN providing helicopter support.

Our 2019 team will again utilize the Northeast Island and Atlantic Cove as the two operational sites. The team will consist of 12 operators and will be primarily the same ops as were there in 2016. This will be an all band/all mode operation, including EME by WW2DX.

The DXpedition website is up and running at:

Updates will be on the website as well other pertinent information.

Randy N0TG Team Co-leader
Murray WA4DAN Team Co-leader

APRIL 4, 2018 — The DXpedition scheduled for August 1-9, 2018 has been cancelled. After considerable analysis and discussions as to expected band conditions, the “need-list” ranking significantly greater than 50, and in order for the team to achieve our goals for maximum Q’s and ATNO(s), dx’ers would be better served if we postponed the DXpedition. We look forward to a future St. Paul dxpedition effort when conditions significantly improve.

NOVEMBER 27, 2017 – CY9C will again be QRV – this time in August 2018. Details as follows:

  • Dates: August 1-9, 2018.
  • Bands/Modes: 160m-6m SSB/CW/RTTY/EME/SAT/maybe FT8.
  • QSL: WA4DAN, LoTW, Buro. Club Log also in use.
  • Website

CY9C 2016 info below.

Day 11 by VA3QR — finale

Day 10 by VA3QR — read here (and QRT soon)


Day 9 by VA3QR — read here


Day 8 by VA3QR — read here


Day 7 by VA3QR — read here


Day 6 by VA3QR — read here


August 24 – The CY9C team surpassed the 30K Q total on Tuesday. Band conditions improved and the team took advantage of the conditions. 15 meters opened and Europeans were added to the log on that band. Due to the high winds on Tuesday, the team made repairs to one antenna and moved another antenna. Weather conditions on Wednesday morning are good and the team is encouraged. Depending on sea conditions, a boat may arrive today to take any unneeded equipment and materials back to Dingwall.

The team is able to have two stations on the same band and same mode. The distance between the Northeast Island and Atlantic Cove, and the terrain of the island, make that possible.

Day 5 by VA3QR — read here + video

Day 4 by VA3QR — read here + video

credit VA3QR
credit WW2DX
credit WW2DX

Day 3 by VA3QR – read here

Day 2 by VA3QR – read here

Image credit VA3QR
Image credit VA3QR
Image credit WW2DX
Image credit WW2DX
Credit WW2DX
Credit WW2DX

August 20 update by WA4DAN

Three tons of gear were successfully transported to the St Paul team on Friday. This was accomplished using two boats and seven helicopter runs to the island. Another boat is scheduled to transport additional gear this afternoon. At least two helicopter runs are scheduled later this morning.

We hope to have both islands fully supplied by late afternoon/early evening on Saturday. The Northeast Island team is essentially supplied while the Atlantic Cove team still needs essential gear.

We hope to have both sites fully operational by Saturday evening. Weather is marginal today so we will have to wait to hear from the boat captain and the helicopter crew.

All team members are on St Paul except for WA4DAN who is assisting with the helicopter and boat logistics. The helicopter is stationed on the Northeast Island for the duration of the DXpedition. The team expresses it’s gratitude to the tireless efforts of the helicopter and boat crews in this massive effort.

August 19 by VA3QR on Day 1, CY9C – read here

August 18 @ 23:00z – CY9C now QRV on 20m. Ran out of daylight. Should have remainder of gear set up tomorrow. Listen to CY9C DXpedition

August 16 @ 16:30UTC — Some of the CY9C team landed on Atlantic Cove, St Paul Island on a recce mission dropping off gear. Expected start of activity is August 19th.


August 15 — Be advised that we will operating from two sites over a mile distance from each other. Most of the time we will have two stations operating on the same band (one from each site). Usually this will be different modes; however, there are times when possibly we will have two stations on the same band AND same mode with appropriate frequency separation. Thus, not a “pirate”…it is really CY9C. The team arrives on Tuesday/Wednesday in Dingwall, NS – the take-off location.

August 14 — The CY9C DXpedition (St. Paul Island 19 – 29 August)

All three U.S. vehicles will be on the road Sunday morning (14th) fully loaded with the DXpedition gear on the journey to our take-off point at Dingwall, Nova Scotia. On Tuesday, Phil, VA3QR will be headed for Dingwall also with a utility trailor full. Arrival is expected on Tuesday, 16 August for all the equipment and supplies.

Thanks to all who have expressed interest and  for the those who have donated to the dxpedition. DXpedition contacts Logged will be posted LIVE on the website for those who desire to check if they are in the log.

Also QSL information has been posted on the website.

We are ON THE WAY!!