With the the 3Y0I Bouvet Island team now assembled and carrying out final preparations for their upcoming DXpedition, look for them to sign E51DOM/MM once leaving Cape Town, South Africa. They will also provide a live tracking link to view their progress. QRX for more once the team depart..


  1. All the best Guys take care of yourselves we all appreciate your efforts but your safety is more important than a dxcc thx for all, our thoughts are with you all good luck and look after each other



  2. “Max November 28, 2018 at 3:05 pm
    Hopefully condx will improve a bit, at the time it´s _really_ bad.”

    Conditions are also worse if too many ham’s didn’t tur on of the radio and just watching cluster or wsjt screens… :/

  3. i had a big surprise to copy you on ft8 17m yestuday my antena point to África im py1ax o fhink kook isl is in pacific maybe long pass will check in qrz.com you routh ther that you até in South África TKS QSO 73 good luck live Pictures there for your mm stacion ship etc will be good for us to see ok 73/dx py1ax Tony.


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