It looks as Cezar will have to be ready to leave Pukapuka by 7am on Tuesday 23rd May Local time.(Z – 10)

This means he will probably QRT around 12:00Z on Tuesday May 23rd to give himself time to pack up his equipment and get to the dock.

He plans to look for the EU opening on 20 metres (usually 14.040 mHz CW and occasionally 14.260 nHz SSB) between 05:00Z and 09:00Z +/- , and will check out the 30m (usually 10108 mHz) and 40m (usually 7025+/-) bands before and after those times. He is actively listening for the weak signals from IOTA enthusiasts.

At this point, in spite of terrible ionospheric conditions, and tough, very hot and humid operating conditions, he has some 6,000 + contacts in the log.

There are two larger motus (small sandy islands) on Pukapuka, the airport is on one and the village on the other. The airport is accessible from the village by a 20-30 minute boat ride across the lagoon.

From Pukapuka he will fly on an Embraer Bandierante (a 15 passenger aircraft limited to 8 passengers to allow for enough fuel for the 1400 km transpacific flight) to Manihiki Atoll, returning to Rarotonga on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday he will embark on the 35 hour trip back to Toronto via Auckland and Los Angeles.