EL2EF operating at EL2DT QTH.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 — EL2EF now QSL via N2OO. Logs are transcribed by N7CW and uploaded to LoTW by N2OO. See here also.

DECEMBER 2, 2017 — Eric is now active and has been making a few QSOs using an old Kenwood TS-120 and vertical. At the moment he is paper-logging but hopes to have a laptop soon. Thereafter, he will use the services of a QSL manager who will look after his log and QSLs. Remember, Eric is a new op and is still learning.

NOVEMBER 6 — Eric, EL2EF is a new ham radio operator from Liberia. He’s the nephew of Dickson, EL2DT and was recently active for the first time along with EL2EL & EL2GM.  So far he has limited operating experience and basic equipment but will soon be on air with a Spiderbeam pole / vertical dipole. QRX for his signals.

(credit EL2EL)


  1. Correct, the rig is not a TS-120 in the main picture. That’s his uncles radio. The TS-120 is shown elsewhere in the post which is in use from Eric’s own QTH.

  2. Ah…OK…now I see the pic of the 120…man that brings back memories from the 1980s when I was first licensed…..That TS 930 must be Uncle Dickson’s….Good stuff!….

  3. A TS-120?…That rig looks more like a TS-930 to me….Anyway, regardless of what he’s using, welcome aboard…Seen Eric spotted everal times, but can’t hear you, probably due to antenna polarization and lousy conditions…hope to hear and work him soon…

  4. You are doing a great job of keeping a pileup in line. It will be much easier for you when you have equipment that allows you to work split frequencies. Good luck and I hope to work you again sometime.

  5. Buena suerte Eric ,felicitaciones por tu puesta en el Aire ,gracias por el contacto en 20 Mts.14190 el 19/12/2017 ,lo mejor para ti ,73s de LU8EMT Jose .
    Espero encontrarte nuevamente


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