EL2EF operating at EL2DT QTH.

FEBRUARY 5, 2018 — EL2EF now QSL via NR6M. LoTW coming soon. See here also.

DECEMBER 2, 2017 — Eric is now active and has been making a few QSOs using an old Kenwood TS-120 and vertical. At the moment he is paper-logging but hopes to have a laptop soon. Thereafter, he will use the services of a QSL manager who will look after his log and QSLs. Remember, Eric is a new op and is still learning.

NOVEMBER 6 — Eric, EL2EF is a new ham radio operator from Liberia. He’s the nephew of Dickson, EL2DT and was recently active for the first time along with EL2EL & EL2GM.  So far he has limited operating experience and basic equipment but will soon be on air with a Spiderbeam pole / vertical dipole. QRX for his signals.

(credit EL2EL)