A team of young German hams will try to operate from Tombelaine Island EU-156 sometime between September 11th and 14th. As access to the island is very dependent on weather and tidal conditions so exact times of operation are not yet determined.

The OPs will sign F/DF2MX/P, F/DK2RO/P and F/DL8AW/P in SSB and CW. QSL via homecalls (OQRS, bureau, direct, LoTW).


  1. @ON6KE: A man who twitters about his worked DX, including Rotuma Island, South Georgia Island and Easter Island, where people spend ten thousands of dollars and move tons of gear for these expeditions, complains about three youngsters driving to France and then walking 5km to an island?

    I am looking forward to this expedition and hope that despite of our weight-optimized and thus very limited gear a lot of operators will be able to have a contact with this rare IOTA.

    73s de Anton DL8AW

  2. Anton, READ what’s written, it’s not about the youngsters, It’s about IOTA – I repeat IOTA – assigning an IOTA indicator to an island that can be circumnavigated in 3 minutes.
    For your info, Rotuma, South Georgia etc. are all inhabited and quite a bit larger than this speck.
    It’s ridiculous to assign an indicator to this island while for Indonesia and its 7000+ islands one doesn’t do this for each and every island.

    In Proposed additions to the IOTA list column of a few days ago here on this site they wrote “..it is unlikely that any additions will be made to the Europe list because it is already generously covered.”
    I think they got it that it doesn’t make too much sense. I think they realised that.

  3. Right.. but that to say about scarborough reef or also… SMOM ? 😉
    Every atcivity has its absurd aspect…


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