NEWS UPDATE — FT3YL, Dumont D’Urville. QRN (S9+) François has moved station. Less comfort (5°C in new shack). Be patient, he will be back soon on the air.

FEBRUARY 18 — François FT3YL is now active from Dumont d’Urville French Antartic Base in Terre Adélie on 10-15 and 20 meters. He is using a GPA30 antenna located on the roof of his office. Not easy to have big antenna, wind was about 160 km/h last night. He is active for the moment only in JT65 and had made around 50 QSO with JA, VK, ZL, BY, UA0 and USA. He has been heard also in UA3. He will try to be active also in PSK31 and SSB later. He is mostly active between 09h00 UTC and 11h00 UTC after his working day. Online log is on clublog and QRZ.COM. Don’t send your QSL now, OQRS will be available in few weeks. Please, don’t request sked with him, he is Dumont d’Urville during 1 year. LoTW request to ARRL will be done soon.

DECEMBER 11, 2016 – François F4HLT/FT3YL leaves Australia on 11th December on board the Astrolabe (French TAAF ship) and will go to the French Antartic base of Dumont D’Urville.

On Dumont D’Urville, his call-sign will be FT3YL. He won’t be QRV before February. He will be active in SSB and digital modes on 10-15 and 20 meters. Equipment: IC706 + ACOM 1010 (Tnx Clipperton Dx Club) + GPA30 (Tnx F5BU). He will provide updates here. QSL via F6KPQ, OQRS Club Log and LoTW.

Note: François is a newbie, he is not used to pileups. So please, be patient.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 — François, F4HLT will be active as FT3YL from Dumont d’Urville, Adelie Land in a few months time. The license is valid from December 2016 to February 2018. Activity will not occur immediately but likely few months after arrival. Adelie Land counts for IOTA AN-017.

I’m a beginner in HF radio but I want to try to install a ham radio station at Dumont d’Urville a French scientific base. My job is my priority, I can transmit only during my spare time. I’m not a DXpedition. This activity will be secondary to the scientific work. During this mission of 1 year in Antarctica, my QSL manager is F6KPQ.

FT3YL license