NEWS UPDATE — Manfred, FY/DL5FAB will be activating Ile Royale on the Iles des Salutes, French Guiana group, SA-020 from Saturday 15 September until Sunday 16 September. He will be using 100W into a single 7m Triple Leg Vertical antenna used from 40-10m as condx allow. Preferred mode of operations likely FT8 or CW. QSL cards will be sent via Global QSL on return.

JULY 4, 2018 — Manfred, DL5FAB will be active as FY/DL5FAB/P from Kourou, French Guiana between September 5-18, 2018. QRV on HF; CW & FT8. Plans also in motion to operate from one of the Salute Islands, SA-020. QSL via DL5FAB buro, eQSL.


  1. I have successfully finished my activation on the Ile Royale of the Salute Islands SA-020 at around 12h30 UTC on Sunday 16 Sept 2018.
    Around 130 FT-8 contacts made it into my log – on 40, 30, 20, 17 and also a few on 10m. QRN levels were high and also QRM in NA and EU. I could initially not synchronize my computer clock through the Internet – but managed eventually to adjust manually to the radio controlled (in EU) wrist watch.
    Thanks for the patience with my signal – more could not be expected with this simple vertical tripl leg of 7m matched to all bands (symmetric feed line and tuner) and the sustained power of 30 W from an IC703 (with some external ventilator support). 73 to all and cuagn Manfred DL5FAB


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