UPDATE H40D is the callsign for the upcoming operation from Duff Island (OC-179), Temotu, scheduled between April 29 and May 3! Website

Cezar (VE3LYC) also received the license for the operation from Russell (OC-168), Solomon Islands, but the callsign is not what he requested, due to an error. Bernhard (DL2GAC, H44MS) relayed to TCSI the request for re-consideration, and Cezar is hopeful that the matter will be resolved next week.

Please consider supporting this ambitious and very expensive project if you haven’t already done so. Visit the expedition website at http://oc-179.weebly.com for more information, future updates, and support


  1. Hi Cezar,

    Could you post some dates for the activations, even though those dates will only be provisional? At the moment, one can only guess that you will activate January/February sometime.

    Thanks, Rob


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