Cezar, VE3LYC and Bernhard, DL2GAC/H44MS will be active from Mbanika Island (Russell Islands, OC-168) as H44R during April 22-25, 2018. QSL via VE3LYC direct, Club Log OQRS.

Reminder that H40D (expedition to Taumako Island, OC-179) is planned for April 29 to May 3, 2018.


  1. Bruno,

    Many of us make moderate to substantial contributions to these dxpeditions, which, in fact, subsidizes the cost of YOUR QSL card. It is insane to suggest that dxpeditioners get paid holidays, or make money, from these dxpeditions. Almost ALL of them LOSE money.

    Frankly, I am grateful these guys went to H44, because I needed them on 40m.

    Chip W1YW

  2. Let us be fair fellow hams, one cannot expect that Dx peditioners carry the costs of the travel all by themselves. Would you?

    If u want to have a qsl from that rare entity or IOTA one need be prepared to assists in the costs.

    U collect stamps etc. you pay for them as well.

    LoTW has certainly helped with the normal Dx stations, but it is in my humble opinion a bit different with stuff that comes up only every few years or so.

    I do not think that most DX expeditions would want to earn money; they just want to break even.
    How much could a qsl costs you? Two coffees or a beer, not more.

    My five cents of opinion.


  3. If Ham Operators are willing to spend the time and money on getting these entities on the air, I don’t mind spending a few dollars assisting them. ORS makes it easier than by mail.

  4. Not specifically against H44R but in general:
    I would like to start a petition against all so called DXPeditions that refuse to use LOTW because their main purpose is to earn money by selling QSL cards.
    Nothing can be more simple or logical: if you want to be valid for the ARRL DXCC as a DXPedition, you’re obliged to use the ARRL DXCC LOTW service.
    DXPeditions are becoming a business. If we don’t do anything against it, soon only the rich will make it to Honor role or DXCC.


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