How long have you been an active DXer ?

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  1. Since 1999 for 2016 I was very active DXer,
    And after receiving HR#1 (Mixed + Phone) I have still a little calmed down (Hi-hi). I have taken a break, I choose the new purpose for сhallenge.

  2. The Target ARRL DXCC HR #1 Phone and DXCC HR on CW – needet only 6 Entites fer HR#1 – was a hard work over many Yaers!
    I spent many on Time and many on Money fer this Target. Mostly USD by the ARRL for QSL Endorsement – Awards and Plaques for the wall on my home etc.
    I wil say, in my second live not more Ham Radio – i will go fishing to a silenc river and luck out for big Fish! eat – sleep – no DX Hamradio hi 73

  3. I have all countries confirmed except P5 mixed.No awards from ARRL but in a nice album where I can look at the QSL cards any time I choose and look at the money I saved!
    Got my novice ticket in 1976 and shortly after I worked ZD8AA on forty ,He on ssb and I on cw and I remember giving him a 559 for ssb with shaking hand and he was laughing in return.That was my first DX and I was hooked!

  4. Based on the statistics above, it’s more likely:

    -Go to Doctor’s Appointments
    -Ham Radio

  5. Basically, taking 20 years as a cut-off point the poll would suggest 25% of voters are “newer” to ham radio DXing, with 75% “old-timer” DXers. Is that a fair assessment?

  6. I am a son of a ZS Pioneer of the early 1900’s. I was licensed when my father became an SK in 1950.
    Was never a serious, dedicated DXer, as much of my time was DXing & sked QSO’s & rag chewing.
    Had my arm twisted in 2010 by ZS6P ARRL DXCC Field Checker to submit my QSL cards for the first time in 60 years. In 2011, I made it onto DXCC HR phone & mixed with 334. By 2014, I managed the last 6 needed for a Full House by getting the last one, VK9MT Mellish Reef, to reach 340 / 359 #1 HR phone & mixed.
    In January 2018, KOSOVO knocked me off #1 HR & in April 2018, again at # 1 HR when KOSOVO gave me my # 360 ARRL DXCC Sticker & #1 HR for the 2nd time. !!! The key to reaching the TOP was having P5 & KP1 confirmed. I never expected to reach HR & # 1 HR was a miracle. !!
    Remember the old saying, Miracles never cease, but it can take a life time.!! I hope to reach 90 yrs of age, this Dec 2018. Deo Gratius.

  7. “DX-World June 11, 2018 at 6:40 pm
    Basically, taking 20 years as a cut-off point the poll would suggest 25% of voters are “newer” to ham radio DXing, with 75% “old-timer” DXers. Is that a fair assessment?”

    Usually all dxcc entities are activated over 17-20years, maybe less during 1980-90, probably the best era for dx, KP1 the most “waited”, 22 years !
    Now, all Us island like KH9-7-5-4-3-1 (but also other…) with eccessive restrictions are a wild card.

  8. I started as a broadcasting swl in 1973 and just became a ham radio operator in 1978 when I was caught by cw mode. Since I was young and low cost radios and equiptment I began using my cw skills to hunt dx spots around the world. Amazing propagation and long days and nights looking for rare spots. Dx has been in my blood forever. I never applied for any DXCC award but all countries have been worked even P5 and other rare ones. I keep my positive thoughts for th future of the radio amateur around the world. Be safe, 73 and DX

  9. Chasing DX since 1970….stuck at 338/351 for years. My P5 card is and was bogus and have never heard ZS8 Prince Edward and Marion. So, been chasing IOTAs, lots of fun.


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