Dear friends,

In August starts the expedition to North Pole from a ARMI member (IU5KUH) with sailing ship MELORIA (or another sailing ship) from WAF (World Arctic Fund) and ONG from Berlin (Germany).

ARMI are the sponsor for this activation. Simone, IU5KUH will be operating in 20, 30, 40 meter in SSB, CW and PSK. The special call-sign is II0PN (INDIA INDIA ZERO PAPA NOVEMBER) and transmitting from maritime mobile with ICOM IC 7300, tuner AH-4 and a vertical TAGRA nautical antenna.

He will be in the Arctic area for the entire month of August and will begin his return in early September, touching the island of the Bears, the port of Oslo (Norway) and finally Rostok in Germany (ports may vary depending on the weather situation).

I’m attaching an information in PDF from the “Bollettino dei Marinai” the official journal of ARMI.

We are preparing a webpage on our site, where you will enter all the information to connect with Simone and a guest book where all those who will connect can post a personal message !!

At the end of the mission, a special QSL will be prepared which will be sent to all those who request it.

This activity is part of the project “90th anniversary of the expedition of Umberto Nobile with the Airship Italy” and the call-sign is “II0PN/mm” has been included among the many special stations that can be connected to receive the awards.

I kindly ask you to inform all your members about this activity! I also ask you to communicate with Simone because from those latitudes it is difficult to use other communication systems other than shortwave radio.

Simone will always be in radio contact and will be available to any amateur radio operator. Please communicate to all your members, any communication intercepted or communicated by Simone to send it via email to this address or to write it in the logbook on the website of our ARMI website (page II0PN/mm).

It is very important to know the position of the ship and any information that Simone can communicate with the OMs.

Turn this information on, if you can, in the forums or in the radio amateur newspapers!

Thank you and I remain at your disposal for any information you want to receive!

A cordial greeting and see you soon!


73’s Alberto Mattei, IT9MRM – W9MRM


  1. There are any news about the fait of the ship? Is it lost? I saw her in Rostock in June.
    How about AISE? Will Mr. Simione restart the expedition wirh another ship?

    Fair Winds!
    Andreas Zedler

  2. Urgent press release!
    II0PN / mm update!
    We managed to hear Simone only now (at 13:57), he tells us that they had serious problems: a sudden storm 10 miles from the south coast of Svalbard, with waves 5/6 meters high broke the governing bodies of Mea Lux and they were rudderless at the mercy of the waves! “The ship started to take on water and there was a fire on board !! Through the rescue Eli evacuated the women on board (in all 4), and after recovering documents he rescued the remaining crew members aboard the lifeboats !! One by one they were recovered from the Norwegian Coast Guard helicopter. The Mea Lux is currently ungovernable and at the mercy of the waves … asked the G.C. if it is possible to recover it !!
    We await news about it !!
    Please share it urgently !! TNX

  3. Alberto,

    The link to your PDF file “Polar Expedition” is dead. There’s nothing there.
    I’m curious about the DXCC status of the North Pole, but I imagine I can find that info elsewhere.
    Thanks for sharing this info.

    73, K9GX
    Mark Steven Williams
    President, Kentucky DX Association


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