In an ambitious move, DX-World is looking at the possibility of creating and hosting a yearly International DX-World Gathering – with the prime aim of bringing website readers, DXpeditioners, IOTA enthusiasts, SWL’s, DXers, speakers, advertisers and generally interested radio amateurs together in exquisite stately homes & surroundings – covering the Seven Continents of the World over a seven year period!

That’s right, the plan is to visit AF, AN*, AS, EU, NA, OC and SA promoting friendships through DX-World.

This is an initial feedback post to gauge global interest. If sufficient interest follows then we will kick on and start to organise the inaugural International DX-World Gathering (IDXWG) likely to happen during a long weekend (3-4 days) somewhere in Europe in the second half of 2020.

Please use your vote sensibly wherever you stay in the world. DX-World might be coming to a location near you in the future!

Does an International DX-World Gathering covering all Continents interest you?

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Thanks for feedback (comments open).

*Sure, Antarctica might prove a little problematic but we’ll overcome that somehow!


  1. Count me in!!!
    Would love to meet fellow CW enthusiasts who have taken the time to work me over the years.

    Tom KH0/KC0W

  2. Yes !
    Cape Town is so ready for this. And you get good bang for you buck. Value for money.
    And I get to meet all the DX ‘ers.
    73, Johan, ZS1A

  3. DX World: Agree on bringing the event to the people on each Continent. Think WASHDC area plus all it’s tourist attractions as a side note.

  4. It’s not so much people travelling to exotic places, it’s more about bringing DX-World to the people in each Continent.

    500 miles? Washington might be a good idea for NA Gathering 😉

  5. Creative thought. Like the idea. Travelling to exotic places however, may be too expensive for the average DXer. Suspect the gathering would attract more hams residing close to the chosen facility. Would certainly attend an event within 500 miles of my home.

  6. Not to be a naysayer, but for me personally, my interest is to meet people from the other side of the globe that I have either worked or attempted to work. With a rotating location for this event, I think most people will naturally gravitate toward the location closest to them. My suspicion is that I’d see the same people at Dayton or Friedrichshafen, yet STILL miss the far east and down-under guys.
    73, Bob N4XU

  7. Interesting idea and initiative. Timing of such event needs to be chosen carefully though. Combining it with summer holidays might enhance the attendance (in particular of those who live farther away from the chosen venue).


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