IOTA DXpedition to Talaud Islands, OC-209

    In honour of the 50th IOTA anniversary, IIHG (Indonesian Islands Hunter Group) is sponsoring an expedition to several islands in the OC-209 group. YB8RW/P will lead a group of operators from several islands in Talaud Group OC209 as follows:

    • 24-27 May Kabaruan Island (NEW Activation for Nusantara Indonesian Islands Award)
    • 27-28 May Salibabu Island
    • 28-30 May Saraa Besar and Saraa Kecil (10 minutes by boat ride to one another, so there will be two teams, please listen for location)

    Operators include:

    YB8RW/P veteran of the OC209, 210 islands
    YB8UTI/P resident of Karakelong Island
    YB8SOC/P resident of Salibabu island



    QSL for this operation via YB3MM.