BAIYAH & FLAT ISLANDS, LIBERIA — In view of well-publicised security issues experienced by an unsuccessful DXpedition to Baiyah Island in 2017, DXpeditioners should consider seriously any proposed further attempt to activate this group. IOTA Management would advise against at the present time.

The full 5L3BI story here – an attempt at activating AF-111


  1. I’m very happy that the team all got back home OK. But I want to make a comment that will maybe attract criticism! I’ve lived and worked in ‘developing’ countries for 20 years, many times in remote and perhaps dangerous areas, and had to work with friendly and ‘unfriendly’ locals on many occasions.

    The cardinal rule when obtaining any type of service from the local community is to never ever pay up-front for those services. You pay maybe 10% and then the 90% after the services have been successfully delivered. This is the accepted norm all over the world.

    So in this case, the team should have paid a deposit for the trip to/from the island, with the strict understanding that the other 90% is only paid after the trip is successfully completed and all the team returned to the mainland. The 90% cash can even be held by a team member safely at another location until the trip is completed.

    If the locals refuse this type of deal, then you simply play hardball, pack up and go home with 100% of your money in your pocket.

    But in this case, the team apparently handed over 100% of the money (forgive me if I have misunderstood this). Once the locals had that money, there was absolutely no reason for them to lift a finger to help the team with their trip!

    Please understand that my comments are meant to be helpful for the team (and any other DXpeditions) who encounter this type of situation in the future.

    Best of luck for your next DXpedition.

    Simon – XZ2A

  2. Hi Simon.

    I was part of the team and can safely say, having been in danger’s way, there’s no chance a 90 or even 10% deposit would have been “safe”. No way whatsoever. While I appreciate and understand your viewpoint, in this instance you really had to be there to believe it. Eye-opening doesn’t cover it. In addition, acts of witchcraft and black magic are not something you experience everyday during a DXpedition.

    Regarding the team apparently handing over 100% of the money. This is incorrect. The team paid a local to do two recce trips. The first trip proved fruitful and gave lots of insight. The second trip did not bring to light any rival tribes (which only surfaced after we got there). Nobody was paid upfront.

    All in all, a lesson was learned, but I’m not sure your take on it is as how I’d did see it. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it 🙂

    73 Col MM0NDX


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