SEPTEMBER 9 update by N3QQ

“Sandro VE7NY and Team K7TRI moved inside of lighthouse yesterday. Will know later if it’s our last night. Helicopter planned for early afternoon today. Noon local time GMT-8 will stop operation if flights confirmed”.

SEPTEMBER 7 pictures courtesy KO8SCA

(credit V31MA)

VE3LYC (l) VE7NY (r)

SEPTEMBER 6 @ 20:40z – The team has landed on the rock and QRV soon. Pictures courtesy Team Leader, N3QQ.

SEPTEMBER @ 12:45z – Team leader, Yuri N3QQ informs that:

“Test flights made by pilots yesterday. All looks good. We will attempt transport of people and cargo as soon as fog lifts, around 10:00AM local time (approx 17:00z). If internet is available will send pictures etc”.

AUGUST 3, 2019 — A team composed of Yuri (N3QQ), Cezar (VE3LYC), Sandro (VE7NY), and Adrian (KO8SCA) will attempt to operate between September 6-9, 2019, from this iconic location. This rare IOTA reference was on the air once, 21 years ago, as is in demand by 94% of IOTA members. The team informs that the price tag of this project is $20k, and asks for your support. Please visit the expedition website and consider making a donation. QSL via VE3LYC (direct or bureau).


  1. I have now received an explanatory email from VE3LYC – Cezar. which explains their problems with running the EU and especially the northern EU. It was really nice, so it explains why I got mine my frustrations.
    There were not many small guns that got them and in Denmark there were only 1 of the registered island collectors who got them, probably a big cannon However, I still do not understand that my 6 el. multibeam and 1 Kw could not reach them. I hope not many years pass before new ones come on NA211. Because if it is 30 years before then I can safely delete it from my wish list.

  2. Signals in EU were decent, but their keying…. What was that?
    I tried, but impossible to beat idiots calling and calling and calling…. No matter what k7tri were transmitting.

  3. They did not even try to work EU. Last time i donate monny to an ekspedition where there are US hams in


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