Credit: K1JT and Dokufunk

Nobel Prize winner Joe Taylor, K1JT, explains how WSJT-X progresses, demonstrates its use, and what we have to expect in the near future. Click here to listen.


  1. Next broadcast by RADIO DARC with K1JT interview

    You should mark this date: In the upcoming program number 231 of RADIO DARC, a non-routine interview awaits you as listeners: A conversation with a Nobel laureate. The speech is from the professor and astrophysicist Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr., call sign K1JT.

    He set milestones in proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and his well-known WSJT program packages revolutionized digital signal transmission in amateur radio. It is not commonplace to interview a true Nobel laureate. The interview was conducted by Editor-in-Chief Rainer Englert, DF2NU.

       RADIO DARC broadcasts on shortwave at the following dates:
    Every Sunday 11:00 CEST Main broadcast on KW 6070 kHz / 100 kW + 7440 kHz / 10 kW (for foreign countries)
    Every Monday 17:00 CEST on 6070 kHz / 10 kW + 7440 KHz / 10 kW (for abroad)
    Daily 17:00 CEST to 7440 kHZ / 10 kW (For Asia / Australia)

  2. Human to human?? If I ever need a new band or mode, or new IOTA, I couldn’t care less about all the gripes about FT8. I am very thankful for the New modes that we can still make contacts very day when for the C/W, SSB and RTTY there is no propagation and won’t be for my life time. I am very thankful for Joe K1JT for his accomplishment. Old timers get over it, did anyone ever bitch about the C/W modes etc.

    Don AA5AT

  3. as I divide OM in two great categories, dxer or NOT dxer, Is it or was K1JT a dxer? I just checked k7c, vk0ir and vk0ek (even with its old K2ITP call sign) and I didn’t find any q registered. If he is not a dxer ….. he simply can’t understand the damage he has done, BTW K1JT is not the culprit. The HAM community is taking a new way, not mine.

  4. ##### PSK reporter they have identified only about 8 stations worldwide that appear to be “robot” unattended stations #####

    @Paul: where can i find this information on PSK-reporter site?

    73 Klaus DK6AO

  5. An interesting presentation.

    Interestingly Joe dispels one of the myths spread by the FT8 haters on here and elsewhere….ie that FT8 does not require any human involvement….using PSK reporter they have identified only about 8 stations worldwide that appear to be “robot” unattended stations out of an estimated total user base of 25,000. The guys that own these “robot” stations must have much lower electricity costs than what we have in VK or have plenty of money to burn on electricity.

    Joe highlights one of the main attractions of FT8 that is rarely mentioned by critics or advocates……the fact that you can see all activity on the band because all the activity is now on one frequency. This is the main reason why FT8 has taken over 6 metres for instance. It is not that FT8 is more efficient than cw in making a 6m qso (I would say less so) but because it has concentrated all 6 metre activity on the one frequency which makes identifying the very short openings on 6 metres much easier.

    Here may lie part of the answer to saving cw as a mode going forward – may be we need a much better version of cw skimmer (or something even better than cw skimmer) that monitors the entire band for cw signals with a user friendly interface and WSJT type functionality. CW skimmer is a clever piece of software in its decoding but its user interface is about 20 years behind the times.

    This “all activity on the one frequency” benefit is the number one reason why I personally use FT8 at present but I could be easily swayed back to cw if this benefit could be replicated in that mode (ie cw signals could be on different frequencies but monitored across the whole band with an enhanced skimmer type arrangement).

    That said, may be FT8 is just far easier for developers to work with and recreating this “decode all signals” functionality in CW is just turning the wheel of progress backwards

    Paul – vk4ma


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