The 2018 DXpedition to Baker Island is proud to announce the addition of Neil King, VA7DX to our team. Neil was first licensed in 1979 as VE7CVM, attained his advanced certification in 1980 and acquired the call VA7DX in late 1999. An avid HF, VHF and UHF contester, Neil has also dabbled in meteor scatter, EME, tropo and satellite operation. Neil has had the opportunity to visit and operate from 3DA0, 7P8, VU7, TX5C, JT1, K5D, HK0, C9, A25, FT5ZM, 7Q7, A35, and TX5T.

KH1 is the 6th most wanted entity. Our plans are to bring the KH1 entity to as many operators, and countries as we can.

As with any DXpedition to the really rare ones, this will be another large budget operation. The operator team will contribute over 50% of the expected budget of $400,000. You can help make this DXpedition happen by visiting our website, and contributing today.

With two months to go before we board our ship in American Samoa, we thank you in advance for your support.

The Baker Island 2018 Team


  1. Middle of winter in ZS. No propagation. Guess I will have to wait for the next Group to go there.

  2. At the low of the cycle, mid winter is a great time for ZS. Low bands will be open much longer than in summer. If any one should be griping it would be Europe as conditions on the high bands and low bands are likely to be poor in June.

  3. Best time is Autumn or Spring for Low bands in Europe.
    Too much money passed for expedition and no possibility for Eu on Low band. Strange.

    73! Voctor UA4HBW.

  4. By choosing this timeframe with no common darkness between KH1 and EU you automatically put out of the game 80-160. 40/30 will be marginal as well. Not a wise choice considering high bands will be marginal (due to low SSN/SFI) and anyway K1B did a great activity on 10-12-15-17-20 back in 2002.

  5. ZS2DL…do whatever it takes to work them if you need KH1, the odds are that the USF&WS wont allow another expedition for some time. Dont wait
    for the next one. The choice of vessel is interesting, Rob and his sister grew up a couple of miles from me, he is a good skipper but suspect he has never been to Baker. The trip from A to B is easy, there is only one way on-off the island and I doubt they know it. I still climb my tower but wont attempt that reef crossing, you need to be sure footed and in good shape. We last visited Baker a couple month ago to supply the Amelia Airhart search expedition and the waves were pounding the reef, common mid-summer conditions. Howland is ok, Baker is terrible.

  6. Roger. Already putting strategy (Top Secret) into place to make the QSO. Really not a great time of year.
    But I do understand they have to work with what they have been given.
    Some first class Ops going and that will make all the difference….and a few sunspots..Hi
    Donovan, ZS2DL

  7. Donovan -“…But I do understand they have to work with what they have been given. …”

    I do not think, that is good reason to spend $400000 ….

  8. “Donovan -“…But I do understand they have to work with what they have been given. …”

    I do not think, that is good reason to spend $400000 ….”

    Why they need to spend it now ?

  9. Probably a complete waste of time and $400,000 as far as EU is concerned!
    Solar minimum conditions – OK, none of us can do anything about that!
    PLUS, mid-summer condx, instead of planning for spring or autumn to maximise possibilities for EU.
    PLUS, quoting:
    “Our use permit for access to the Baker National Wildlife Refuge restricts the type and height of antennas we can use for KH1/KH7Z”
    So, totally compromised antennas as a result of the paranoia of the eco-brigade about suicidal birds flying into antennas – surely there are way of scaring off suicidal birds?

    Best of luck to those in W EU who need this as an ATNO – you’re going to need it!
    Chris, G3SJH

  10. It amazes me the number of negative comments, some from operators who have never been on a major dxpedition. It is what it is so get used to it. They are going and instead of gloom and doom comments, wish them luck and a safe landing/departure from the island. They are the ones risking life/limb to bring us a new one or fill-in while you sit in the comfort of your home. At the very least, send them a few bucks…..Nuf Sed!

  11. Now or never ? ? ?
    We need to “PRAY A LOTS” for a good propagation.
    But trust helps the audacious.
    I’m sure will be a good dxped.

  12. As a W6 I am expecting an easy collection of an ATNO and new bamds. The gift is appreciated after the weeks of frustration with silence from the Indian Ocean operations. Good luck guys and pay no attention to the crabbing about your decision making. They have no idea about the politics and other difficulties involved in dxpeditions.


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