NEWS UPDATE — Philip says he’s now on Wake Island and is working out logistics to get on air Saturday, April 14th (try 14225Mhz @ 22:00UTC).

MARCH 30 – Philip, reports that all paperwork is in order for his upcoming KH9/N7NVK activity. He will leave for Wake Island on April 11. Further updates and operating schedule announced after his arrival.

MARCH 15, 2018I will be on Wake Island (Atoll) for a rotation of 3 months on and 1 month off starting in April 2018. As of now I have not established what day or time I will be on the air (we are +12 UTC). Once I determine availability I will post it here. I will be using an Elecraft KX3 into either a G5RV or a Buddipole, power output will be QRP for now. I will be working split and please have patience with me as I have not been on the receiving side of a pile-up. I do use LoTW but can only upload when internet is available..which is limited.

As of now I do not have QSL cards but I hope to have some on my next rotation. We do have a US Post Office on the island but mail is only delivered every two weeks during resupply. I hope to work out the logistics and cost for the QSL cards for those that want them.

Please feel free to email me.

73 Philip / N7NVK



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